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Major League Baseball's Anaheim Angles are attempting to change their name to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The owners of the team want to broaden their fan base and exposure by getting LA into their name. Representatives from the city of Anaheim have petitioned a court to block the name change, and the city of Los Angeles is also opposed to the change calling it "improper" for the team to use a city's name in which they do not reside or pay taxes. Ownership has pressed on however and will make the name change before the upcoming season if the courts do not block it.

How much sense does this make? First of all, Anaheim and Los Angeles are two totally separate cities. How can a team be from two different cities? The Angels don't play in LA, they play in Anaheim. If they wanted to their team name to cover a larger market and geographical area then why did they not leave it alone when they were called the California Angels? That covered a much greater market than LA, and had a better ring to it then the San Francisco Oakland Los Angeles San Diego Angels of Anaheim would have.

What will be next if this precedence is set? The New York Nets of New Jersey? The St. Louis Royals of Kansas City? The Calgary Oilers of Edmonton? Is LA going to embrace the Angels as their own if that name change goes through? Seems to me that there might be quite a historic franchise there already. I'm sure it's a great idea though. Citizens there would likely much rather cheer for a team from another municipality then their own. I'm sure the loyal fans who do live in Anaheim and fill many of the seats in the ballpark will not care one bit that they now have to share their team name with another city. Old Gene Autry, the singing cowboy himself, would not have stood for this if he were still alive and in charge of the franchise. Major League Baseball shouldn't allow it either, but Bud Selig is a tool so I'm sure he'll do nothing about it.

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