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I've decided to do something I think everyone should do: take my (own) advice. In my post about possible New Years Resolutions, I mention something about getting Toronto Star basketball columnist Dave Feschuk fired or taken off the hoops beat. I don't think I'm vindictive enough to want someone to actually lose their job, but I'd love to see someone else writing about the Raps at the Star. But really, what am I going to be able to do about it? Not much, as I really don't have much juice with the Star. What I can do is use this site like Feschuk uses his column. He has a beef with Raps management and uses his column to badmouth everything the team does. I have a beef with his beef, so I'll use this site to badmouth him. I know I run the risk of being labeled a Raptors 'apologist' or 'loyalist' by saying that, but so be it.

So to that end, and also as a boost to our Celeb Mail section (although it's quite a stretch to put Feschuck in a section titled 'Celeb' anything) I've posted a few emails I exchanged with Feschuk last year. Ack and I have been marveling at his work for over a year now, and last year we decided to write him and see how he enjoyed receiving criticism. He only answered mine; I guess he felt Ack's wrath was too strong and he'd catch a verbal beating. But you can see in his first patronizing reply to me that he felt I was a chump and he wanted to put me in my place. I'm sure there are many areas in which I'm a chump, but I don't feel sports is one of them. So check out the emails for yourself, I think you'll see I held my own. In fact I dropped so much science on him in one email that he was speechless - he sent back a blank reply.

In Chuck Klosterman's book, Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, he writes an essay about newspaper writers in which he says all sports reporters hate sports. When I first read the essay, I doubted this could be true. I mean c'maaan, writing about sports for a living, how could you be mad at that? But the next time I read one of Feschuk's dissertations on why the Raptors suck, I realized Klosterman probably has a point. Feschuk certainly sounds like he hates basketball. It seems he's been forced to cover the Raps, and he hates it. So I think we'd really be doing him a favour if we could get him off the Raps beat. But whatever, I don't expect that to happen. At least other people who are frustrated by Feschuk can get a kick out of the site.

@ 1:15 AM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

Finally, I find someone who hates Feschuk... I thought I was the only one. I have been wasting my time subscribing to the Star. I subscribe to the paper because I like their New In Homes section. I am a Raptors fan, but two biggest bigot in sports reporting -Doug Smith and Feschuk are in the Star. His columns makes me puke in the mornings.

Keep it up!


@ 9:58 PM, Amir kicked the following game:

I have been a Rapotrs fan since 1995, but I actually like it when columnist put pressure on the management when the team sucks


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