I can't find my Brazil soccer jersey I wore in nets for FJHS...give me attention!

Well, it seems that young hockey phenom Sidney Crosby has finally found his red Team Canada hockey jersey, so we can all rest much easier now. Maybe this story could have received a bit more attention in the Canadian media, especially here in Halifax where it was front page news. It was just a jersey people! Sure it had sentimental value for Crosby, but I don't think the rest of the country should have been so concerned. My mom threw my Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy out a few years back without my knowledge, and I 'm sure I felt as sad as Sidney did about his jersey, but where was the outpouring of grief for me? My father told me to grow up and stop my whining, or he'd give me something to really cry about. If it was another member of the Canadian junior team would there have been this type of coverage? I think not.

Which brings me to my point. Sidney Crosby is a very gifted hockey player, especially for the age of 17. I am as big a fan of Crosby as anybody. He is a nice guy and always conducts himself with alot of class. He is a Nova Scotian, and I like to see local athletes do well on the national and international stage. I have to say though that the media attention this young man is receiving is overkill. Many people are looking for Crosby to become the next Wayne Gretzky. Even the Great One himself has said he thinks Crosby will break many of his records. I have no doubt that Crosby will be a very good player at the NHL level someday. However, everyone has got to wake up and realized that there will never be another player like Gretzky anytime soon.

NHL hockey has changed far too much to allow any player to acheive the insane offensive numbers put up by Gretzky in the 80's and early 90's. Even if a player was to come along with Gretzky type skills, which is highly unlikely, they could not perform the same type of magic he did in the boring, defensive style of hockey played in the league now days. There have been several other junior players over the past dozen years or so that many thought had a chance of developing into the next Great One. Pavel Bure, Eric Lindros, and Jason Spezza all had the attention of the international hockey media since they were about 14 years old. Lindros and Bure showed flashes of brilliance during their careers, but neither one was anywhere close to achieving Gretzky like status. Spezza is still young, but it's quite obvious that he is not going to have even a tenth of the talent Gretzky had.

There is no question in my mind that Crosby will be a great player, and for sure better than those who have been as highly praised at the junior level of hockey previously. However, he is likely to be a great player in the class of a Joe Sakic or Steve Yzerman, which is nothing to sneeze at. That type of a player is worth some attention at the junior level, and a first overall pick in the NHL draft. I doubt if Joe Sakic, currently Canada's greatest player, would have recieved this type of attention if his jersey was missing from the 2002 Olympics. Seriously people, settle down just a bit. He's just a kid who is good at hockey, and I don't need to hear about what he ate for breakfast on Sportscentre or in the local Daily News.

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