Is there a wonder why no one buys CDs anymore?

Over the last two or three years, every artist on record has put offered up their two cents on File Sharing. Rich pricks like the members of Metallica hate it. Struggling artists hoping to get some listeners and some radio play, well, they seem to be all for it. The majority of artists seem to be in the middle. Download our music, if you like it, please buy it.

File sharing has gotten out of control. No one will deny that. You can get full albums months before the release date and you are tired of the CD before it comes out. Charging 25 bucks on top of that, well seriously, like a trickless magician, you aren't fooling anyone. I know most artists are struggling to make a buck, and the majority of the profits go to the record company but a disturbing trend is surfacing that really pisses me off.

Bands are releasing multiple versions of a CD, with a little bit of added material and expecting fans to shell out twice. Latest victims of this trend, Wilco. Wilco has had some bad luck with file sharing. Their last two albums were online for ever before they released the album. True, loyal fans did shell out a few greenbacks which the band donated to Doctors Without Borders, but they have now decided to re-release A Ghost is Born with a few different versions of some songs. Jackasses, make that shit an EP! Fans have already shelled out for the album and you are giving us a total of 5 new songs? I would also have to ask if releasing a re-issue less than 12 months after the original is a wise bet. This ain't Bluenote and you ain't Rudy Van Gelder.

The worst thing is that you know super fans will still dish out the cash. Jawbreaker re-released Dear You, and I snatched it up like it was a loot bag at a party. Five different songs and I was on board. Another version of Boxcar, of course I need it. At least this album was released in '95. Like Jeremy Piven says... "10 YEARS!"

At least re-issues like Pavement's Luxe and Reduxe are giving fans material worth the price of the CD. It is a double disc full of material true fans want, and without shelling out for bootlegs and singles, couldn't get previously. A Ghost was released this year, and you are talking about 5 songs.

It isn't just indie bands. Goth punkers Good Charlotte released two CDs on the same day. They were exactly the same, except each contained ONE song unique to each version. Guys, your CDs sell to 8-year olds and mall punks like E at a rave. You aren't struggling. You are wearing 500 dollar track suits around. Why not sell the second song as a single? Or if they buy your dogshit album, they can send it the UPC and 5 bucks and you ship them the single? Can you be surprised anyone is downloading your album? Christ, one of you guys dates Hillary Duff. You have more mall credit than a kid from a rich divorced family. Your albums will sell. Why not make them affordable before people realize you are just a boy band with thicker guitar riffs.

I'm no financial wizard, but these are my thoughts. People like to own shit. You could put a steaming hot turd in a basket, put a price tag on it and people would at least consider it. So why not sell the product at a reasonable price, and people might decide, shit, I'd like to support the bands I like. I'll spend the $13.99. You keep charging 25 bucks a pop, and your albums will keep getting downloaded like a Paris Hilton video.

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