Feschuk, another gem

Herohill is obviously not a fan of Feschuk, his nonsense, and his blatant self contradictions. With a rapier wit and great observations points out how the slam dunk is dead, and every dunk has been done (only to point out in his next column that Amare's dunk was unique and exciting - you've lost me Feschuk, is it new or has it been done). He declares the three point shot is the new highlight reel filler for the NBA. Well Feschuk, we at the hill beg to differ. Of course, as Ray Allen stated, the three is worth three and a dunk is just another two points. Ask Duke University about it. Of course the trifecta is more valuable, but do crowds want 3's or dunks. Think about it, and reply to us please.

You don't have to be on the Raptors beat to realize the NBA game has changed. Players are getting smaller, more athletic and faster. Big men no longer post up, they spot up, but to say the dunk is dead is ridiculous. Certainly teams shoot more three pointers, but what gets a crowd excited in games? I'm guessing it is the dunks. Why does Vince Carter make the allstar game every year? Is it because he shoots fadeaways and cries a lot? Or is it because he can jump over a 7'2" Frenchman and cram? In this allstar game, was it Vince's hustle and jumpers that got the crowd out of their seats, or his huge off the board tomahawk? Do fans want these more athletic stars to spot up or jump over someone and deliver a teabag?

Feschuk points out that players believe that the Sun's PG Steve Nash deserves the NBA. I'm not going to take anything away from Nash. He's had a great year, and is exciting to watch, but I am going to guess if a lot of his assists weren't to high flyers Amare and the Matrix Marioun, you'd not be watching so many Suns highlights night in an night out. Very few fans today are bball purists and what to see the ball whip around like a 1950's Celtics game with a fundamental 15 footer finsihing off the play. Sure the high energy, run and gun offense with three's is exicting, but if Amare caught a touch pass or a no look from Nash and did a layup, would anyone care?

To solidify his argument using a LeBron quote, Feschuk points out that "all the dunks is taken." Interestingly enough, this dunk off had more unique dunks than most years past. JR Smith's two foot around the back in mid air, Josh Smith's windwill off the toss from Kenyon Martin, Amare's header from Nash, and even (although it took 8 tries) Chris Anderson's 50 ft. toss two hander from just inside the free throw line were all new. Not sure what you wanted Fes, maybe a few dunks from half, or a 720? Sure the new formats don't have the allure of the old dunkoffs, but that is more the attitude of the people in the league. If superstars still had pride and wanted to compete, imagine a dunk off featuring Vince, Josh Smith, LeBron, and Kobe? Do you think it would have some excitement? No, probably not in your opinion Feschuk. Just like none of the Indie bands that come up with songs today can master the song writing genius of Pavement and the Sweater Girls. It is a fact of life, everything in the past is better and more fun, so we might as well shut down the league, or decide to revoke the dunking rule. Give the fans what they really want, right Dave?.

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