Feschuk vs Coaches

It's been a couple weeks since we've had a Feschuk post on the hill, but as you can imagine if you follow the Raptors at all, he's been having a good time.

The nuttiness surrounding the Raps reached a fever pitch last week with Rafer and Sam Mitchell having another "disagreement" at halftime of a loss to the Cavs. This led to Rafer missing the second half and to Feschuk writing an "I told you so" style column from the week before, where he defended scrapping up every bit of negative press Rafer's ever received. He even went as far as quoting Jerome Moiso saying he was happy to be out of Toronto due to all the craziness. Never mind the fact that Feschuk ridiculed Moiso when he was a Raptor, but are we supposed to take that seriously? We're really supposed to believe Moiso, who never showed any interest in working his way off the bench, would rather be on a 10 day contract than with his regular deal here? Whatever, like it matters.

Next Feschuk wrote a gossip column about how Eric Williams was dying get out of Toronto, and taking shots at Rafer. The guy has played terrible since coming here, but in his defence, they haven't found much of a role for him. But really, he just sounded like a guy who's frustrated with not being able to play and contribute. He was dishing out some juicy quotes like "It's a damn shame that a guy's got to be an a--hole in order to get some attention around here" and "You try to be a professional, but f--- professionalism." Ooo, that's good stuff right there. Feschuk's basically saying, "see I'm right, this guy hates it here and his only been here a month!". But that's the problem, he's only been here a month. The team is struggling, I'm sure everyone would rather be somewhere else when the team is struggling. How about playing your way back into the mix? No, Feschuk isn't interested in that, he needs to prove the Raps organization is headed down the tubes.

But those are the players, now Feschuk has turned his attention somewhere else: Sam Mitchell. It seems Feschuk is finally turning on Sam, a half season being all he needs to decide that he's not the man for the job. The first article he wrote about Sam was some kind of rambling piece where he accuses Mitchell of being a violent guy by nature, but also half-justifying it. He opens up by telling some weird story about how Mitchell gave him a headlock in the locker room recently, so this pretty much proves he's a psycho who's trying to fight his players. When in reality it proves very little, as I'm sure there's tons of people out there who want to put Feschuk in the headlock. This article also includes this paragraph: "Yes, it hurt. Yes, after intensive physiotherapy and regular submersion in the healing waters of the Humber River, doctors say my lucrative sideline as a mini-golf sandbagger is not a completely lost cause. And yes, there is a point to this anecdote." Wow, look at Feschuk, he loves his big words and cool slang. Fits right into the sports section, doesn't sound forced at all.

In Feschuk's latest column, he talks about how Flip Saunders was due for a firing because of his mediocre record over the last 10 years. He also takes a not so subtle shot at Mitchell for defending his former coach: "Yet, when Saunders' run was eulogized by one of his former players, Toronto coach Sam Mitchell, the lack of playoff success was quickly explained away". Perhaps what Feschuk doesn't take into account is that Mitchell is now a coach, of course he's going to defend another coach, especially one he has a relationship with. When's the last time you heard a coach agree with another coach's firing? "Yeah, they didn't win enough games, totally his fault and he deserved to get canned". He then goes on to say that coaches are overrated, but they have to deal with a lot of crap from the media and others. But he still thinks they make too much. As long as he's clear on where he stands.

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