Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Markus Naslund: Toughest Man Alive

We all remember the ugly Todd Bertuzzi-Steve Moore incident from this past NHL season. Bertuzzi and his Canuck cronies were trying to get some revenge on Moore for hurting their beloved captain Markus Naslund with a legal check. There was no penalty on the play, but the Canucks figured they were right and frontier justice was deserved. We know how it played out, Moore ended up with a broken neck and Bertuzzi hasn't played since.

Perhaps still bothered by the fact that his neck was broken, Steve Moore has filed a number of lawsuits against Bertuzzi and the Canucks. Like everyone, I'd like to see this whole episode be over and done with, but I didn't have my neck broken. Neither did Markus Naslund, but he still feels qualified to call Moore the hockey equivalent of a gold-digger. On Monday Naslund claimed that Moore was only suing people to get money because he wasn't good enough to make it playing hockey. He also says that Moore isn't liked by his own teammates and that if Naslund was the one with the broken neck he'd work hard to come back and show everyone what character he has. As pointed out by Damien Cox in his Toronto Star article verbally ripping Naslund a new one, Naslund doesn't seem to have much character.

Again, I don't know if the lawsuits are a good idea, but I'm not in a position to decide. Moore's career might be in jeopardy because Bertuzzi thought it his days of getting Swedish massages from Naslund were threatened, so it's his right to sue the guy if he wants. What I know isn't cool is to debase a guy's character based on some rumors he's heard from NHLers wintering in the Swedish Hockey league who've had too much Aquavit. Seems pretty ridiculous for Naslund to talk like such a manly man about sucking up a broken neck and coming back. We know what he did when Moore hurt him with a check: he whined to the media and had his big brother beat him up.

Very Manly.

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