The Riviera Regime Want to Kill You, But They'll Settle for 10 Bucks

If you ride the subway regularly in Toronto, you're going to see some weird things. It's like that in any city, the nutters are drawn to the underground. There's no outside lighting and there's no authority figures on the scene usually. They feel they can let their nutter flag fly. But I'd actually say that the subway here in TO is probably calmer than other towns. But you will see nuttiness, I've seen my fair share. I experienced a nutty first on Saturday night, I bought a CD from some dude selling his group's album out of his backpack. The guy is one of the members of Riviera Regime, and the album was Thugz of War.

I know what you're thinking, "Thugz of whatnow?". One thing I haven't mentioned so far is that I spent Saturday evening drinking many beers at the 30th birthday celebration for a good friend of Herohill (Happy Birthday Amy!). This might be why I thought it was a good idea to buy a cd from a dude on the subway. Petra was also impressed by his street initiative, so I decided to humor the dude by listening to his album via his discman. In my beerified state I made him skip through a couple tracks that I wasn't impressed with. Petra then asked him to play his best track, so he played me the opener "Don't F@#k Wit Us". I said "your best song is called 'Don't F@#k Wit Us'?". He laughed and said "yeah, we're positive rappers". It was good to see he had some sense of humor, because I've since listen to the album and it's 18 tracks about nothing but killing, stealing, servin', and f@#king the hoes.

But regardless, I'd wasted enough of his time, and I figured I could review them for the site, so I bought a copy of Thugz of War. Being honest, I intended to make fun of them like crazy in my review. But after Googling the Riviera Regime and finding a post on pop (all love) revealing that a 19 year old dude was stabbed and killed at their CD release party, I think I'll make an effort to do a somewhat more serious review. I don't need a stabbing. If even a quarter of this album is true they'd probably chop me into pieces and use my head for a door stop over a bad review. Besides, Herohill is always interested in supporting local music, especially when it's from my North York hood, so check out my review.

@ 7:22 PM, Pete kicked the following game:

Riviera Regime's Thugz of War album is up there with the best of them. These guys will make it BIG!


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