Sean Penn Needs a Sense of Humor Transplant

By all accounts Sean Penn is a very good actor. By those very same accounts I'd also guess that he'd be a very unfun guy to hang out with. Last night during the Oscars, Penn took time out from presenting an award to take host Chris Rock to task for making fun of Jude Law. Jude Law! I mean why would anyone, let alone another dude get upset over Chris Rock taking a pretty minor shot at Jude Law?

In his opening monologue he took a few shots at the celebs, nothing too harsh, just enough to keep everyone squirming in their insanely expensive attire. He made some cracks about Jude Law saying "Who is Jude Law?" and "Why is he in every movie I have seen the last four years? He's in everything. Even the movies he's not acting in. If you look at the credits, he makes cupcakes, or something." Fairly innocent right? I mean it's a funny point, Jude Law has been in a crapload of movies the last couple years. I think Jude himself would have a chuckle. But not Sean Penn. Jude Law is an actor, and acting is serious business. So serious that Penn felt the need to stick up for his acting comrade and take on Chris Rock live at the Oscars. He apologized for eschewing his sense of humor, and said that Jude Law is one of the industry's most respected actors. Thanks for that, I'm sure all the movie people in the audience and the movie fans watching needed you to remind them who Jude Law is. Also not a good idea to "eschew" your sense of humor if you're going to verbally step to Chris Rock on live TV.

C'maaan Penn, you're at the Oscars, loosen up a little. Or just become a crazy recluse like like Brando who never goes to those types of award shows. They got Chris Rock in there to inject some humor into the proceedings, and I think it worked. I mean everyone enjoys Billy Crystal and his little song and dance where he mentions the movies nominated that year, but they had their best ratings since 2000 with Chris Rock, so someone must have enjoyed it. It's a shame you couldn't enjoy it, but I get the feeling you don't enjoy much. Perhaps you don't realize you act in movies for a living, not the most vital work in the world, you should be having some fun doing it. The planet will keep spinning if you don't make U Turn 2. So lighten up my friend, get out there and smash some cameras, might make you feel better.

@ 4:30 PM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

I think the whole being dead thing keeps Brando from attending the award shows...♫


@ 8:05 PM, naedoo kicked the following game:

I am aware Brando is dead, but he was notorious for not attending the award shows and sending other people to collect his trophies.

But thanks anyway Anonymous, or should I call you Mr. Penn...


@ 4:47 PM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

Just teasing, my man. I really enjoy the site.


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