A Super Lesson

Another Super Bowl has come and gone without the Saints (surprise!), and the Patriots have officially been declared a dynasty by all the football pundits who feel they are qualified to give out such titles. In thinking about this super bowl, I realized there was a good lesson for you kids out there. I know lots of the kids read herohill, and because hockey is on hiatus, they aren't getting their regular Saturday night lessons from Don Cherry (link provided for non-Canadian readers). So here's my attempt to fill the Cherry void: you kids out there learn a lesson from Freddie Mitchell, keep your mouth shut before big games.

This bowtie wearing genius thought it would be a great idea to talk smack about the Patriots defensive backs, saying he didn't know any of their names. He also singled out safety Rodney Harrison, saying he "had something" for him. This was mighty big talk for a guy who wasn't a starter until T.O. got hurt and who only caught 22 balls for the pass happy Eagles. He couldn't even beat out Todd "Alligator Arms" Pinktston for a starting spot. Yet he thought he should be the one to rile up the Pats before the biggest game of the year. Well it wasn't a good idea. Harrison only had 7 tackles, 1 sack, and 2 interceptions. Harrison was everywhere, making plays all night. His first interception prevented an Eagles score in the first quarter, and his second put the Eagles away in the fourth. How did Freddie do? I think former Michigan QB Tom Brady put it best during his appearance on Letterman on Monday night when he said "I think Rodney had more catches than Freddie Mitchell". One meaningless catch probably isn't the "something" Freddie had in mind for Harrison and the Pats defence.

So here's the point kids, let your play do the talking. Nobody likes a big mouth, and when you talk smack about good teams or good players, you only give them motivation to put you in your place. The Patriots are a playoff machine, the last thing they needed was more motivation. But Harrison admitted the Mitchell's commits did just that. It's one thing for a star to talk mess about the opposing team, but when some scrub backup does it, guys get mad, not scared. That's what happened here, the Pats defence came out fired up and played great. So save your talking for after the game, if you win you can say whatever you want.

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