Undone - The Sweater(Girls) Song

As illustrated earlier on herohill, yesterday the Feschuk decided to use a horrible analogy that seemed to suggest Raptor owner Rob Babcock was pulling a Mr. Drummond and trying to save the under priviledged African American players and show them the right way to live.

I decide to analyze Feschuk's performance this year in his daily rants:

  1. He attacks the Raptors for trying to unload Vince Carter, despite the fact they got two proven NBA players, and two first round picks, and removed the team cancer that was affecting every game. Maybe sensing he couldn't mail in his column every day saying he hates Vince and Vince is soft.
  2. Feschuk unearths a story that is four years old. Butch Carter wanted to get fired and had beefs with Grunwald. Get Robert Stack on the phone, we have just solved that unsolved mystery. He must have bought one of Feser's CDs because even though he admits to getting fired on purpose, Feschuk glowingly states that Vince has been on the decline since Butch mozied off.
  3. Feschuk discusses a game where 370 points were scored. Obviously something he believes can never happen again. Newsflash brainiac, comparing eras in sports is as logical as comparing favorite foods. To comment on the NBA now and the NBA then is like saying, "no one will score like the Oilers of '87 in today's NHL". No kidding. The game evolves, and unlike your column, it changes almost daily.
  4. Yikes, Feschuk doen't like the trade. Apparently even though Vince was no tplaying, and didn't mind sitting out or playing 20 minutes a game, getting some solid contributers and draft picks was not enough. I'm not exactly sure, maybe the Lakers didn't want to part ways with Kobe. Carmello was not on the market. Not too many people were going to shell out for a sports car with not guts and bad wheels.
  5. Feschuk alerts us that the Raps have never had a good big man. Amazingly enough, he was the first and only Raptor fan to realize we have been lacking a true centre for all these years. Just look at the rest of the league. They are all ripe with true centres. Oh, maybe he should compare eras again. This isn't '83. Everyone isn't rocking the Twin Towers gimmick. The league has been getting smaller and more guard dominated for years. I love that he attacked Nate Huffman - a guy who was just happy to be playing. Who doesn't say they belong in the NBA? "Thanks for giving me a spot Raps, but I'm not good enough to be here."
  6. Feschuk attacks Araujo. He and Rafer are the reason the Raps stink. Hoffa, is a monster of a man albeit with limited skills right now, but a rookie has played well, and physical this year. Feschuk wants the Raps to have a big man, and now that they may have found one, he doesn't want him to be on the floor to develop.
  7. Feschuk shows the path to success - The Orlando Magic. They cleaned house, have 9 new players. When the Raptors cleaned house to try to build a squad, it was the wors tmove they made since signing everyone on a team that was one shot away from the East finals. Feschuk, well played. When it works it is great, when it doesn't, jump on it. They passed on 1st overall pick (Okafor) to get Dwight Howard who is averaging a double-double (at the time he was 10.7/10.1). Oops, Okafar is a beast of a man, dominating games, and averaging 15/11.
  8. Feschuk goes digging in Rafer's closet for 6 year old ghosts. Feschuk, in 1999 you and the other Sweater Girls were hoping to get signed and show people you were the next Pavement (or good enough to open for the Grace Babies - a Halifax band that good barely open for themselves in their own hometown). Are you doing the same things you were then? I am sure even then you perceived Vince Carter to be soft, but to attack a man for actions he did that long ago when superstars have done worse and had more trouble since???? Weak.

Those are just some of the highlights. I am not sure why the Star keeps letting him write his column. He is rude, borderline racist and plays favorites more than a wedding singer. His gimmick is tired, and fans don't always want to see the bad side of things. Let us cheer. No one can be happy when everything is perceived as negative.

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