Not very often do I blink an eye when i hear a stalking stroy any more, especially if it involves Anna Kournikova. Most times I simply assume it is Bure or Federov just trying to spark up the ole romance.

But this story was a mind blower. Anna was stalked by a homeless dude. If you don't have a place to live, are you really stalking? Or are you just where you are at?

This man, who I will say again, has no home, has been stalking Anna for a long time apparently. He has her name tattoed on his bicep. He is a loon, but somehow he is like a homeless Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. He managed to deduce her address from the Internet. Once again, homeless, yet he is surfing the Web. I work 50 hours a week, and don't have the Internet at home. Anynway, he then stripped down, and swam across the bay to her house (or what he thought was her house), and sat spread eagled in her chaise-lounge. He was then arrested, obviously. MacGyver would have trouble with this plan, let alone a homeless dude!

He wasn't ready to go quietly, so he bit a cops thumb until it bled, and then took a beat down. To quote the source, "Police used pepper spray and an expandable baton to subdue him." Hot damn, that is a lot to get a sniff of someone who is all over the Internet, but at least he follows a long line of tennis stalkers, and went after someone who isn't ugly (some dude stalked the Serena).

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