It's 50 Cents a Game

I'd say we can file this one under "saw this coming": 50 Cents and his latest prodigy The Game have had a falling out which apparently led to some kind of a shootout at outside radio station Hot 97's studio. You mean to tell me NYC's reigning super-thug and a former Blood from Compton weren't able to get along after being forced together by the record label? I am shocked.

As our loyal readers know, I've talked about hip hop-related violence on the site before. It's a shame, the mainstream media eats it up like a meal, and it tends to re-affirm the perception most people have of the hip hop biz. But it's hard to argue with that perception when things like this happen. Two of the biggest names on the scene right now have a disagreement, one guy boots the other out of their clique during a radio interview, and within hours a "gun fight" ensues. The details might be different, but this kind of thing happens quite frequently. Most rap dudes, especially guys who are on top, have egos the size of Game's home state. These two are no exception. 50 Cents is trying to take credit for the success of Game's album and obviously Game doesn't want to look like a chump that needed his hand held to make a good record. It's no wonder so many beefs start with people who used to be close or in the same camp even. Jealousy and envy are much stronger when you're dealing with friends as opposed to strangers.

But the timing of this whole episode makes me a tad bit skeptical. Game's album was strong but his buzz is probably starting to wane a bit. 50 Cents is releasing his album this week. What sells in the rap biz? Controversy. What's better for two dudes repping the thug life than to get a ton of press by starting their own rap war. I don't think they've staged this whole thing, but I bet 50 realized booting Game would create a nice little stir right before his album dropped. He's apparently dissed Jadakiss, Fat Joe, and others on his album, so it seems he was thinking about making this album controversial for a while. Mr. Cent wants to be King of New York, and it seems he'll take down challengers from either coast to make it happen. He should be careful though, acting like 2Pac and Biggie is one thing, going out like them probably wouldn't be much fun. They should take their boss Eminem's advice from that song where he samples Martika, beef isn't cool when it goes to far.

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