De Plane Boss, De Ridiculously Large Plane!

What would Tattoo and Mr. Roarke think of a plane that could hold over 800 people? They'd probably think "Damn, that is a crap-ton of people we can bring to this island and mess with for no particular reason". Or maybe there was a reason, I can't remember, I was like 5 when Fantasy Island was on TV. But at least they'd have a valid reason to be excited about the new Airbus A380 super plane that made it's maiden voyage today. Maybe it's just me, but I have no idea why anyone would be building a passenger jet that can hold up to 840 people. The airline industry has been struggling worldwide since 9/11, so I have to assume these Airbus people follow the Costanza everything-opposite plan. Instead of building smaller more fuel-efficient planes, they decided to build a huge one that will have three times as many empty seats as current Jets.

It seems as though one of the main reasons this plane was built was to help cure a Euro inferiority complex. It seems Boeing in the US has been the top dog in the airplane biz for sometime and the Euros wanted to make an enormous shaped plane that would dwarf the American 747 the next time they compared (airplane) shafts. It seems even the Euro Governments were feeling inadequate and kicked in a third of the insane 12 billion Euros(!) it cost to build this plane. "The French cabinet burst into applause when President Jacques Chirac announced the A380 had successfully taken off." I guess they got their money's worth, as it flew once, so that must mean it will be a huge success. The dudes that send all that spam for wang-enhancing pills must make a killing in Europe.

But I like planes. I enjoy flying in them, but I can't understand why anyone would hang out by a runway to watch one take off. Especially on it's first flight, when it weighs 464 pounds and it's pilots are wearing parachutes in case they have to ditch it. "Look, it's like other planes, only way bigger. Zut alors, it's coming right for us!". But apparently some 30,000 people were on hand to watch the huge plane make it's first flight. Some even camped out so they would have a primo spot to watch a plane takeoff and land. Seriously, there's nothing better going on in Europe for all these people? Oh well traditions are different everywhere, we can expect to understand the Europeans love of big ass planes.

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