Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Go Sgro Yourself

Politics isn't something we discuss much here on the hill, especially Canadian politics. But that doesn't mean we can't discuss it, everything is fair game here. I'd say the main reason we don't discuss it is that it holds very little interest for people of our age. Well I should clarify and say that it holds very little interest for me, I shouldn't speak for every 30 year old person in Canada. Politicians in all countries seem to be consumed mainly with how to get their party on top, but it seems to be an acute problem in this country. Reading this story today only reinforced that opinion.

Apparently some goof that owned a pizza place in Brampton claimed that former immigration minister Judy Sgro claimed she would clear up his immigration problems if he brought some free pizza to her campaign office. Really, does anyone believe this is a plausible story? I can't see even corrupt politicians making that kind of trade-off. But all the opposition dudes believed it. Or at least they said they did in order to create some kind of scandal that eventually forced her to resign. What about all those honest people who are trying to settle in Canada and could be effected by changing immigration ministers in mid-term? Screw them, let's all trust this pizza guy who also happens to be a credit card scammer who's been fighting deportation for 15 years. What reason could he possibly have to lie? Anything to make the opposite party look bad. Whether or not she was doing a good job as immigration minister isn't really important.

And I have no idea whether she was doing a good job, because as I said, I don't follow the Canadian politics. But of course we found out today that the pizza guy was lying, made the whole thing up. Shocker. Ms. Sgro read a letter in parliament today which details the pizza man's confession, and of course everyone clapped and said nice things about her. Even the conservatives who tried to run her out of town the second they heard about it came up to congratulate her.

So there's a lesson in this right? Politicians shouldn't rush to decisions that could have a large impact on the people they serve. Wrong. They are going to keep making snap judgements, no matter what most Canadians think. The looming collapse of the Liberal minority government is a prime example. We just had an election last year that cost a boatload of cash, and now because the previous regime were involved in some shenanigans, we're going to have another one. To me it seems ridiculous and a waste of time.

Anyone else want a ride on the high horse? I'm getting off of it now.

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