Going Back to Cali, or Smart Sharks.. For those about to act, we salute you.

Every so often, I look to take a look at IMDB and see what is the dealio with some of my favorite actors. Let me clarify that favorite = people that make me laugh, and get cast in the worst movies going. High on this list is my man LL Cool J. Remember him? He went from "I'm Bad" to a film about super intelligent sharks that almost overthrew society. They actually made a movie about super intelligent sharks, and thought, "we need that guy who rapped about Round the Way girls" to make this film work. But, since IMDB is never wrong, and gives fans a voice, I should mention that someone posting as Movie Nutball said, "Deep Blue Sea is very good shark movie."

Well now LL is back y'all, in a big way. He has four movies on the go. The first is Mindhunters. Yes, LL and mind in the same sentance. Could the smart sharks have come back? Unfortunately not. The movie is about some FBI in training mumbo jumbo, and they find out one of the people getting trained is a serial killer. That makes sense, because the FBI doesn't do background checks or any type of psychological testing on perspective psychological testers. But herohill ain't hating on LL. Listen to what GoodManHunting2003 from Ghana says, "On a positive note, I liked LL Cool J's acting. I though it was solid and robust." Can't argue that.

No can I argue with picking LL for the movie Heartland. Just announced, LL pulls a solid for a friend, and as an inner-city teacher he relocates to an elementary school in the Midwest. Somebody better call Sinbad, cuz now LL is snaking his roles. This feels like a sequel to Houseguest. On the plus side, that might mean that herohill favorite Damien Luvara might get a chance to get hit in the mush with a bball again.

So LL, to you we tip our leather kangol and say, keep on keeping on.

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