Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I Hate Bruce Bowen

And if you like him I hate you too. Well I don't hate you, but I'm sure I'd get all mad at you if we talked about hoops at a party. With Steve Nash's unbelievable play in the 2005 playoffs, I've jumped willingly on the Suns bandwagon. So watching the Spurs beat the Suns twice at home over the last few days has been painful. Mainly because all the announcers have a serious love jones for the Spurs and sing their praises the entire game, no matter what's going on. No one is more guilty of this than Bill Walton, who verbally fellated the entire Spurs roster for the full 48 minutes of game 2.

The Spurs are very good, I realize this. Most of them do deserve the praise they're given. Manu is treated like the Argentinean Basketball Jesus, and I think people get carried away when they lavish the praise on him, but I can see why. He's an exciting player and he can take over a game with his shooting and his ability to get to the net. Bob Horry annoys me but he's won a fistfull of rings and hit tons of clutch shots, so I can see why they talk about him. Tim Duncan is Tim Duncan. He's as boring as a librarian in church, but he's the best power forward in the game.

But what I don't get is everyone's fascination with Bruce Bowen. I think Bowen sucks and is quite overrated. Everyone has talked about him being a great defender so much that everyone just believes it. But don't see what all the hype is about. His season stats in the "defensive" categories are pretty weak: 3.50 rebounds, .67 steals, and .48 blocks. I know everyone talks about him being such a great man to man defender, but I'm sorry, if you're making the all-NBA defensive team year after, you should be making some impact on the stat sheet. Larry Hughes averaged 6.50 rebounds and 2.89 steals this year, now that's impressive. I know stats don't tell the full story, but they're certainly some indication of the impact a player has on a game.

I think Bowen is also a little dirty and does some bush league stuff to get any advantage he can. He's been accused of putting his feet under players when they in the air shooting, and he's quite the clutch and grabber. He would make a fine NHL defenceman I would think. I'm also not sure how stellar a man-to-man defender he is either. He just gets right up on guys and forces them to try and go around him, which most players can do. But when they get around him, they find Duncan, an excellent shot blocker and help-defender, waiting for them. I doubt Bowen would be as effective playing without a premier shot blocker behind him.

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At 6:33 PM, Anonymous JohnDoe did sayeth:

I hate Bruce Bowen as well, mainly because of the dirty moves he pulls but never gets called for. On repeated occasions he has put his foot underneath airborne players in an attempt to incapacitate them. If I were playing him one on one and he tried to pull that ish on me I would beat the living daylights out of him, then break his ankle, for good measure.


At 9:57 PM, Anonymous Tracy McGrady did sayeth:

I think he sucks and he's an ugly mofo. He's not a great defender but what he is good at is taking away the superstars from the game so the Spurs can have an advantage. Look what he did to Ray Allen, Vince Carter, T-Mac (myself), Steve Francis and almost to Jamal Crawford but Crawford crossed him up so well done!


At 11:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Once again he pulls a dirty move and gives A. Stoudemaire a forearm to the chest!

What a Shit Bag!


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