J.Tigg Is Desperate For Attention

Somehow herohill has ended up on the distribution list of an up and coming rapper named J.Tigg. We've received 2 emails now announcing J.Tigg's new EP, Texas Drought, and inviting Herohill to "Be the first to experience this new and exciting artist". We didn't want to miss out on such an exciting opportunity, so after receiving a second invitation we thought we'd check out Mr. Tigg and see what he's got to offer.

So after checking out jtigg.com, I'm not sure exactly what he's got to offer. He's a white dude, coming out of the south (Austin, Texas) doing the hip hop music. So as far as I can tell, he's some kind of poor man's Bubba Sparxxx. He's white, from the south and rapping but without all the good Timbaland production and quality rhyme skills. Even though Mr. Tigg is a new artist he certainly doesn't lack confidence, as this quote from his bio shows: "If you know Tigg, he has always confessed to being something big." Riiight, that almost makes sense, and there are worse things you could confess to.

His bio gets even wackier though when he discusses his musical influences. This is how he describes his rappin' style: "He created his own style based on the rappers he admired , including Twista, Jay-Z, and Tupac combined with the soul of his roots such as Stevie Ray Vaughn and BB King to Anita Baker and Patti Labelle." What? Honestly, what does that mean? After listening to his half-assed southern raps, I really don't see how the Tiggster can claim Stevie Ray Vaughn and Anita Baker as influences. I'm thinking there should be way more ripping guitar solos and smooth R&B; in his songs.

And what about those songs you ask? Well let's just say they aren't the strongest rap jams I've heard this year. The production is at best, wack, and at worst, totally forgettable. It sounds slightly better than homemade, but on one song it songs like he's rapping directly over George Benson's "Give Me The Night", and there's really no excuse for that. Lyrically J.Tigg's not wowing anyone either I wouldn't think. The first three songs on his EP are love songs that would embarrass LL Cool J, and he has a song called Jimmy Swagg about smoking the green, which is terribly original.

I have no idea who would be the audience for J.Tigg would be. I going to have to guess thugged out white dudes, and there are plenty of those out there, so he might sell a few copies. But hey, herohill's willing to give anything a listen. Now take us off your mailing list.

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