Alanis Still Big On Irony

For some bizarre reason, Alanis sang the American anthem before game 1 of the NBA Finals last night. For those that aren't aware, Alanis is Canadian. Oops, I mean she was Canadian. Since becoming an American citizen in February, Alanis now considers herself an "American-Canadian". How nice. I wonder if she still considers herself "too hot to hold". Seriously, why would they have her sing the anthem? Couldn't they find someone who's been an American for more than 10 minutes? Where was Big & Rich and the rapping cowboy? Surely they were still available.

I can only think of one reason why Alanis would want to sing the anthem before an NBA game (as I'm sure she doesn't care about hoops): for the irony. Having a Canadian (Canadian-American...riiight) sing the American national anthem is ironic, no? And what is one of her biggest songs? Ironic. Apparently she's done an acoustic version of her mega-selling debut Jagged Little Pill to celebrate it's 10 anniversary. I guess selling one trillion copies of that album the first time wasn't enough, she needed to make a half-assed (it may be full-assed, I haven't heard it) new version and sell even more. In fact, she might have become an American citizen strictly for the promotional opportunities singing the American anthem would give her.

Or maybe not, I have no idea. Herohill is comprised of proud Canadians, but we enjoy the U-S of A. However, we have no reason to become citizens of that wacky land to the south. That's us though, I'm sure Alanis has her reasons. Namely that the US only knows her as super-rocker Alanis, whereas we all know what came before and we can't let go of it (or maybe it's just me). I'm sure no one in the US asks her about her time on the horrible kids show "You Can't Do That On Television". I bet no one asks her about her time in the early 90's as Canada's disco queen with hits like Too Hot and Walk Away. She probably doesn't get questions in the US about the time she was in that cheesey video Joey before he was on Friends.

I'm not saying Alanis can't sing the American anthem, she can do what she wants. Just seems a little odd that she's been an American for like four months and she's on TV singing their anthem. But I guess as long as she doesn't Walk Away (I will never let it go!) from her Canadian roots, I guess it's fine.

@ 2:53 PM, bullseye kicked the following game:

Alanis is touring for the acoustic album and apprently, she is doing an acoustic version of Too Hot. At least she has a sense of humour.


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