Backstreet is back????

I have to admit, I never understood the appeal of standing in front of a building, and screaming with pure joy when I saw a second rate (or first rate for that matter) celebrity. I can’t understand how girls yelled and screamed each time Paul and John did the little head waggle during Beatlemania. I can’t understand why girls lose it when D’Angelo rips off his shirt during a performance and shows his abs. I mean, seriously, that dude wears a shirt less than most strippers. It should be old hat by now. But more importantly, I am not sure how yesterday in Toronto, Queen Street had a traffic jam because girls were passing out because Backstreet’s back...ALRIGHT!

Seriously. Fainting because the Backstreet Men were in the MUCH environment. I am not sure how this is possible. First off, as I walked by (and got angry that the sidewalks were lined with young people at 5:15 when working stiffs are trying to get home in the super hot sun, while wearing a dress shirt and pants), I was sure it had to be someone relatively famous who stuck around after the MMVAs. Maybe Kanye, maybe the Black Eyed Peas, or even K-OS. Then I heard the shrieks. Instantly, I started to panic. It was either a Simpson, a Lohan, a Federline or a Timbersnake.

Then I saw the signs. Clever slogans like I love Nick Carter, Backstreet’s Back!, Howie what’s your last name?, or Isn’t that guy like 37 now? The streets were lined with 13 year-old girls. I started to think, this is bordering on wrong. These dudes are in their 30’s, and their fan base consists of girls who can get on the bus using a student pass. Throw in a Neverland ranch, and a Culkin and we have got some trouble.

Every time anyone spoke, the crowd shrilled in response. In the 15 minutes it took me to walk passed MUCH, I saw three girls crying. I started think that people who liked them before would be about 26. Crying over a band at age 26 is sketchy. Obsessing over a man 20+ years your senior is creepy. Either way, the results aren’t good.

I haven’t heard their new album, but I am sure in their time off, the BSB didn’t become artistic geniuses. Nick spent a lot of his time trying to drop a solo album, and recovering form getting dumped by the worst human being in the world (Paris Hilton). I suppose though, in the grand scheme of things, that makes him the cool Backstreet Boy. Note - this is roughly the equivalent of being referred to as the “good looking member of the Traveling Wilburys”. It’s all relative. AJ and Howie were in and out of Betty Ford more times than Gerald. The other dude was on Punk’d once – that has to make the kids think he is cool… right? My point is this? How did they get new fans? They did nothing, and somehow got a larger fan base.

So I guess I am asking anyone who really wants to support these guys, please reconsider. There is enough terrible, over-hyped music for you to download or purchase. Let’s let these guys take up residence in the Surreal Life house.

@ 9:00 AM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

As a 26 year old Backstreet boys fan, I can appreciate your frustration with the streets being closed and screaming girls. Until you actually take the time to listen to their record and please refrain from commenting. The young men are talented, are great to their fans, and give young people of today positive enjoyable music to listen to. Listen to the record, you'll understand


@ 9:12 AM, T kicked the following game:

Hahahaha....i can't believe you're serious. You like a band that is a fabrication of the music industry in order to appeal to the greatest number of buyers. You are such a tool.


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