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It is really hard to write full reviews of albums, especially when Shane becomes Tolstoy when he has to describe a 12 song CD. Along side our regular reviews, herohill is going to do a weekly summation of the music we are listening to.

White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan
Just when you think Jack and Meg have jumped the shark, and can’t possibly keep inventing new ways to write two-man blues ditties, they release Get Behind Me Satan, and shock me once again. After hearing Jack got married to some model in the Amazon on a canoe, I had a feeling we were in for a dud. Only two songs, including the great opening track (Blue Orchid), are heavy laced electric guitars that match the De Stijl days. Most of the songs are crazy piano/percussion based songs that show how depressed and lonely Jack White must actually be. Top songs – Little Ghost, Blue Orchid, My Doorbell.

Clapyourhandsayyeah – Self titled
This album is getting more hype than a Don King promoted fight. In most cases, I am quick to try to knock overhyped projects down a peg, but these guys deserve the praise they are getting. This Brooklyn based 5 piece put out their own album, and some how hasn’t been signed yet. Heavily, heavily influenced by the Talking Heads and Neutral Milk Hotel, this album features danceable tracks for hipster worldwide. The Skin of My Yellow Country, and Upon this Tidal Wave of Young Blood are great summer tracks to give you something to listen to when you are “over” your Arcade Fire album.

New Pornographers – Twin Cinema
Combine AC Newman’s catchy riffs/lyrics and Neko Case’s lovely voice, and of course you are going to be happy. The slow build up and dueling vocals on Use It gets is on constant repeat on the old ipod. I always find it hard to tell people what is so great about this band. Words always fall short. I am not sure how these guys aren’t huge. I am sure the indie-yuppie craze will give them some more press, and I hope the album sells like hotcakes. I can honestly say that I like every song on the album. Favorite tracks: Use It, Jackie Dressed in Cobra’s (the piano is perfect), These are the Fables, Sing Me Spanish Techno, ok, just the whole album.

Coldplay – X & Y
Nope. No review. This album has reviewed by everyone, and everyone says the same thing. Same old, same old from this band. Catchy ballads, but you have to stomach Mr. Paltrow to really get into it. I know, “Fair Trade and No Pictures”. We all know. The original promise of Parachutes has never been replicated, but they have found the formula to write songs most people like.

John Vanderslice – Pixel Revolt
Mr. Vanderslice continues to write amazing songs. He may have a terrible name, but I can’t hold that against him. The subtle electronic beats add depth to his great lyrics and melodies. The combination of strings, drum machine, and percussion on Continuation sounds like a beat RJD2 would put together. Singer/songwriters are a time a dozen, but good ones stand out. It is weird to hear a song about 9/11 this late in the game, (couple that with the new Headphones release has one too) but Exodus Damage is a great track. Plus the dude convinced writers that his first album was a soundtrack to a movie that didn’t exist. Comical.

@ 5:11 PM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

"I am sure the indie-yuppie craze will give them some more press."

What's an indie-yuppie? (Besides a put-down, that is.)


@ 8:01 PM, ack kicked the following game:

The indie yuppie craze is the trend that blogging (along with Garden State and the OC started) that has pushed formerly small bands (Iron & wine, Death Cab, Spoon, etc) playing great music into the spotlight.

Before these bands got no hype, but now are almost trendy


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