Smooth Criminal

Ok. The verdict is in. Shocker, the King of Pop walked free. I have no idea if he was guilty of molesting this kid, no one really does, but if any of the accounts are true, MJ has touched more kid’s than the Make a Wish Foundation. Before I started my rant, I don’t want to have a repeat of the Despres incident. If some of my facts are in accurate, sorry.

My biggest issue with the whole verdict is that people are freaking out like JC was the one on trial. Words like, “humanitarian” and “inspiration” are being tossed around in descriptions of Michael. The words that come to my mind are “freak”, “unstable”, “repeat offender” and “scary as f*&k;”. People all over the world were having vigils, and praying that he would be released. Why? So he can slop out another she-ite album and we can all reminisce over jams like PYT and Thriller?

People have to take a look past the cute little kid that started as a member of the Jackson 5, and realize that he is the only man alive preventing Tom Cruise from being the last man alive you want around your kid. These facts can’t be verified obviously, but reports of kiddie porn, inflatable dolls that look like his young cousin, and the fact he is more familiar with young dick than Nixon’s mom all, add up to the fact this dude needs help. Even the jurors remarked, “He is guilty, just not in this particular case”. So why not make him get some professional help? Why not make it so he can’t come near children? Why not change it to the Never-let any kids in here-land ranch?

He is not the only guilty one. What kind of parent let’s their kid hang out with a 40-year old nutter that has been linked to molestation for the past 15 years? That is like someone sending another cheating white girl to OJ’s house and expecting it to work out well.

All I can hope is that MJ fades away into nothing, and takes Randy, and Jermaine with him. I’m still down with Tito and think we should be having vigils for him to get back in the limelight if we have o shower a Jackson with love.

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