WTF Is Wrong With People...Vol 3

Exactly one year after my last installment, here's the latest version of WTF Is Wrong With People? I had intended to make this a regular series of posts about the things people do on a daily basis that annoy me, but it appears it hasn't worked out to be as regular as I planned. But no matter, the important thing is that I'm back on the case, and I'm sure you're all mighty glad to hear it.

So here's the latest issue: people riding their bikes on the sidewalk. Seriously WTF is wrong with these people? Now let me start with an admission: I don't own a bike. This may make me naturally biased against those that ride them. Here's the thing, I don't care. People that ride their bike on the sidewalk, and expect me to get out of their way, bother me. I used to ride a bike as a kid, but I'm not talking about kids here. Kids are either to young to ride on the street or they don't know any better. What's more, kids will generally move out of the way for pedestrians, understanding that they should be respectful of people as their walking.

For whatever reason, this kind of thinking goes out the window once people reach 17 or 18. Once they slip on some spandex shorts, buckle their fancy helmet, and clip their fruity biking shoes into the pedals, all bets are off. Apparently having a fancy "biking" shirt that is skin tight and has some biking logo on it makes anyone the next Greg Lamond and entitles you to race your own personal Tour De France on the sidewalk. Here's the deal, I'm not moving. I'm not being a tough guy about it, it's just way easier for someone on a bike to be the one to go around. And I will go the extra mile and state the obvious, it's the sidewalk. I'm walking, so I'm going to assume I have the right of way. Imagine if I walked down the middle of the bike lanes? Bike dudes would lose it, and I have no doubt I would get run down in a matter of minutes.

But here's a thought, if you're that serious about biking, you're ready to drive on the road. What's more, if you have biking helmet with a rearview mirror attached to it, like the chaunce I saw in front of my office this morning, you need to be on the road. Why do you need a rearview mirror to drive on the sidewalk? Who is going to come up on you from behind, race walkers? If you're of legal drinking age and not chronically un-coordinated, drive your bike on the road. But do me a favour, obey the traffic rules when you do. Your super-deluxe 10 speed doesn't give you the right dart in between traffic or zip through stop signs. Riding a bike doesn't mean you're down with Ruthless Records and are Above The Law.

one more thing I should mention. If you're one of those bike dudes who stops at the lights and tries to do some kind of crazy bike stand because you don't want to unclip your shoes, listen up. 95% of the people around you on foot and in cars wants to see you fall over. It's pretty much just human nature, we can't help it. So don't get all bitter if you do fall over and people laugh, there's really nothing we can do about it.

All that aside, happy biking!

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