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Lancey, Lance, Lance, Lance. Perhaps you heard about it, but Lance Armstrong won his 7th straight Tour De France on Sunday. That is truly an amazing feat. Add to it the fact that he had a serious case of nutsac cancer before he even won his first one and it makes it all the more impressive. But people, please, lets stop all this talk about Lance being one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Make no mistake, he's the best Tour De France rider of all time, but that's where it ends. Some guy on ESPN named Skip Bayless has written an article that pretty much sums up why all these people saying Lance is the best athlete ever are off base. So I'm not going to go into great depth about it, but I still wanted to get my 2 cents in.

Imagine for a moment that Lance Armstrong isn't from Texas, perhaps he's from Auckland, New Zealand. Are we even having these discussions about what a great athlete he is? Somehow I don't think so. Miguel Indurain won the Tour from 91 to 95 and I don't think people were clamoring to put him into the pantheon of elite athletes. It's cycling, you pretty much just need to have incredible endurance and that's it, you don't need any other fantastic abilities to dominate. And you're on a bike, so there's no impact you have to absorb to get the job done. There's also the fact that Lance doesn't even do any other races except the Tour De France now. Not many elite athletes these days win their titles without putting in a long season.

By all means let's marvel at Lance Armstrong's accomplishment, but let's also keep it in perspective. One of the best bike riders ever: yes. One of the greatest athletes of all time: no.

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