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It’s Friday, so other than me moving into my new apartment, we know all herohill readers are anxiously waiting to hear our musical recommendations for the week. So, like Slick Rick said, “here we go”:

Marching Bands of Manhattan – Death Cab for Cutie
Thanks to the OC, Death Cab finally made the jump from great indie band, to huge mainstream band. I’m sure with them leaving Barsuk records, and hearing comments like, “We’d love to write another Float On,” long time fans were scared of the potential output of the band. Well, if the new album (Plans) is anything like this leaked track, we can all rest assured, Ben & crew are still writing fantastic songs. Ben’s lyrics are still amazing (“It is true what you said, that I live like a hermit in my own head”), and the band actually sounds tighter. It is a charming song – I am excited for the new album.

Idols of Exiles - Jason Collett
BSS member are everywhere. Releasing albums as a team, solo, and getting jacked up by NYC cops after a bad weed exchange. This album features most of them, along with the BSS extended family (Amy Milan of the Stars, Emily Haines of Metric, and so on) and was produced by Howie Beck. Still not sold? This album ranges from lovely alt-country, to summery pop with the use of subtle electronic touches. The duet with Haines – Hangover Days– is a great track, but the whole album is worth some listens.

I Saw the Sign – Mountain Goats
John Darnielle is a master singer/songwriter. Not only that, when he performs he is funny, as well as entertaining, and guarantees the crowd leaves happy. In this unique cover, he plays the tune, but more or less gives a brief oral history of the band and the fact they were number one in 40 countries, interspersed with the crowd backed chorus. It shocks me how many of the crowd knew the chorus, but this ranks up with Dave Groel’s cover of Tiny Dancer on Kilborn for pure comic genius.

Roisin Murphy - Ruby Blue
I've been a fan of Wicklow, Ireland's Roisin Murphy since The Truth, her duet with J-Live on Handsome Boy Modeling School's debut. Her original group, Moloko was a dance band that was notable mainly because of Roisin's sultry, yet wacky, vocal stylings. Ruby Blue finds her working with frequent Moloko remixer Matthew Herbert and delivering a solid debut solo effort. The first 7 songs are electro-pop perfection with slinky drums, horns and synth's fitting Roisin's breathy vocals to a T. Things get a little experimental after that with Rama-Lama sounding like the drum beat on a Viking ship, and Ruby Blue breaking out some rockin' guitar that doesn't quite fit. But you can't beat those first 7 songs, worth checking for those alone.

Murs & Slug - Felt 2: A Tribute To Lisa Bonet
I think we were all waiting for a tribute album dedicated to Cliff Huxtable's eldest daughter. Well the fellas behind Felt: A Tribute To Christina Ricci have come through. Underground all-stars Murs (Living Legends) and Slug (Atmosphere) attack this "side project" like they were rapping for food. Half the major label dudes mail in albums these days, but these dudes attack all the songs on here like they were rapping for food. Atmosphere's producing half, Ant, does the beats for Felt 2, and does fine work. This guy is a talented producer that most people know nothing about. The beats are classic Hip Hop, full of solid drums, horns, and bouncy basslines. This is an enjoyable hip hop album, so if you don't mind hearing plenty of tour stories and the odd sex rap, get on it.

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