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I'm sure you've noticed things have been much quieter than usual the last few weeks here on the hill. Well, there are a few reasons for that. Do yourself a favour and read on to find out what's been going on with us.

I haven't been posting much as I was on vacation in the homeland aka the Maritimes. All in all I had an enjoyable time in PEI (shouts out to Andy at A Distant Shore, check them out if you want some PEI waterfront cottages) and Halifax (Mike and I held the first ever Herohill Karaoke night - thanks to Glenda & Jimmy for hosting, everyone check for Lushfest 2005 at the end of the month). In fact I had such a good time in Halifax, we decided to stay and extra day. Oh wait, I didn't decide to stay, I was forced too because fog forced the Halifax airport to cancel 100 flights. Apparently the good people that run the Halifax Airport thought Canada weekend was a good time to repair their runways, thereby disabling all the equipment required for planes to take off and land in low-visibility conditions. I guess I see their point, I mean what are the chances there's going to be fog in July? I tell you what the chances are, pretty f*cking good. It's Halifax, it's foggy all the time. Perhaps they haven't noticed, but the Atlantic Ocean is right there. Tends to cause mucho fog on a regular basis. I know repairs must be done, but perhaps they could've picked a time other than a long weekend at the start of tourist season.

In fact we had to get a drive to Moncton to get a flight out the day after our scheduled flight. The earliest we could have gotten out of Halifax would have been 2 days later. So we are grateful for Moncton and it's lovely new little airport. However, we did find out that Moncton charges everyone that flys out of there a $15 surcharge right before you go through security. Kind of surprising, I've never encountered such a tax before. I mean the Moncton airport is nice, but it doesn't have floors of gold, you'd think they'd have paid it off by now. The Moncton airport people know this tax can't be too popular with travelers, so they have the crabbiest old women ever collect everyone's 15 bucks. This lady takes no guff and was giving us no explanation other than we needed to pay her $15 pronto. So in the end we were happy to be able to fly out of Moncton, but not happy to pay their idiot tax.

There's actually one more reason why I've been slacking on the posts, it's hot as hades in Toronto right now. It's been like living in a humidity filled blast furnace here since July. Basically it's too damn hot to write anything. An excuse that's both lame and true.

So that's why I haven't been posting, but I know what you're asking, "where's Ack"? Well let me tell you where Ack is, he's in Vancouver. As some of our loyal readers know, the Ack has packed up and moved to Vancouver. As of this week, he is a resident of Vansterdam, and the preparation for that has kept him too busy to post his many rambling and hilarious thoughts on the hill. Herohill (or just me I guess) will miss Ack here in the Big Smog. It's been great living in the same city since he left Pittsburgh and the US of A in 2003. But the Ack is like a comet, you can't bottle him up and keep him for yourself, his one-liners and self-deprecating (or Shane-deprecating) humor must be shared with the universe. So heads up Vancity, Upper Canada's loss is your gain. Give the hacky sack a rest for a minute and listen to what the Ack has to say, you won't be sorry. Hopefully Ack's re-location to the left coast will also be a gain for the Hill's readers as we're hoping that he'll provide us with some quality west coast content once he gets settled. Stay tuned.

@ 9:18 PM, Hambone kicked the following game:

Bryan is such a funny little boy.

I'll miss him!


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