I have to think about it/Je dois penser.

Well, I am in a point in my life where I will soon be proposing to my longtime girlfriend. If all goes according to plan she will say yes immediately, without hesitation. When the time comes for when I do propose to her, I hope she will not leave me hanging and give me a, “I’ll have to think about it…”
This brings me to Tony Parker, point guard on the NBA champion San Antonio Spurs. He recently proposed to his girlfriend Eva Longoria. She is the hot new star of “Desperate Housewives”. If you aren’t sure which Desperate Housewife she is, she’s the young hot one. So, as I was saying, Mr. Tony Parker proposed to her and she said she “has to think about it”. Think about what? Either you love him and want to get married or you don’t. Tony, I know she is beautiful, but are you going to wait around for her to make up her mind? You got some NBA cred, you can get another gal. After thinking it over, what happens if she comes back to you and says, “no”? How you gonna feel then?
As for you Ms. Longoria. I understand you are one of the “IT” girls of 2005. I know you are on the hottest show from last season and I know you will be offered many movie roles now that you are big-time, but c’mon, how can you leave Tony Parker hanging?
I know he is French, you probably don’t have anything in common and at best he is the 3rd best player on his team, but how can you do this to him? “I’ll think about it”? I don’t know the guy personally but I feel for him. If you are going to think about it, you better have a good reason. Are you thinking that you can do better? That your career is looking brighter than his? But take a second to really think about it. You can hang out in France, wear berets, eat baguettes and make fun of British people. If these are the things you are mulling over, well there is really nothing to think about.
Just tell Mr.Parker straight up, yes or no. If you do end up saying no, say it in French, (non) just to piss him off more.

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