Monday, July 25, 2005

Music to ride bikes to

I've been a little slow on the uptake since I moved out to Van city. Combine the new job, living on a couch, looking for a place to live, and the amazing scenery and it is easy to see how my time has started to slip by with little productive work resulting. I have finally found a place, and as I rode down from Kits to the new spot, I finally got to think about my new life. This was all brought on by the incredible, Incredible Moses Leroy CD: Become the Soft Lighties .

Caught in a hipster music video, or a bad GAP commercial I found myself pedalling a women's bike, complete with a huge basket, across the Burrard Street bridge listening to the CD Shawn had just given me. I stared across the bridge, taking in the natural beauty that is Vancouver. The mountains, the ocean (I was right this time) and the beach: all within minutes of my new apartment. The sun beamed down on my face, and unlike Toronto, it didn't melt it off, it just made for a pleasant bike ride home. As I pulled off to the side to enjoy the view, I was passed by fellow bikers, long boarders and walkers, all of whom seemed to feel it necessary to smile and say hello.

Just as this was happening, Country Robot/Letter to Dorothy kicked in and instantly, the moment was perfected. Music has the ability to express the emotions you are feeling, complete a moment or completely ruin it. As the mellow acoustic electronica bounced out of my speakers, I realized the song completely fit the moment. As I started to pedal, it seemed that the people and their actions, were completely in tune with the beat. The people playing tennis were hitting the ball at the perfect speed. The hackers seemed to be kicking the hack with the same BPM as the track. As I kept biking, the rest of the CD sounded just as good.

Leroy Moses is the moniker of Mr. Ron Fountenberry. The song is his second full length, following up the Electric Pocket Radio - which I have never heard, but it is already on order from amazon. The album is hard to describe. Happy infectious summery pop with subtle electronic layered blips and beats? That has been said about such a variety of bands (I remember hearing that about that band Len - Mocha Only I saw you jumping around as an extra for them). I might as well try to describe the color red. But Fountenberry delivers a solid mix of songs, all of which had me enjoying the CD (even the song that uses the Hokey Pokey), accomplishing some fantastic sounds and painting some great pictures. The simple acoustic riff and M. Hatori's vocal on the Color of Sky, and the pop rock feel of Transmission C make this a CD a CD I will be listening to on sunny days for months to come.

Maybe this CD is only this good to me, because of the situation I was in, who knows? But I do know that we should listen to music to enhance what we are doing, not simply to hide the sounds that normally surround us.

"You've given me a brand new start."

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