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All too often in the blogging community, people tend to write about what they think other bloggers think is cool, or what they know people in "the know” will hate. You read a music blog that says, "I don't know a lot about them, but they have been getting press", or "I'm not sold on the album, but I heard the live show is great, so I went, but still not sold, any other albums I should check out?” Well, I don't know a lot about Beethoven's fifth or sixth, but I have heard good things about those too, so if anyone asks, I am up on B-dawg too. Cover for me bloggers?

Others go to great lengths to justify WHY they like an album, claiming indie creds and stating how obviously "the older shit was better" or it isn't as good as "so and so's latest album. Well guess what chotchie, I'm reading about this artist, because I want to know about this artist. I don't go to IMDB and type in Jables if I want to see Drew Barrymore's new flick.

Taking time to review shit I'm not into doesn't make any sense to me, and other than people that need a cock-punch (see our new section), I don't see the point at spending 45 minutes listening to a record just to rip it to shreds (before you get all uppity and sight the Weezer review - I actually like Weezer, and was just disappointed by how they have fallen off). There are countless bands I hate: Nicklesack, Hoobastank, manufactured pop, Creed, Rip-rock and the list goes on. But that can be summed up in one line: they are ass. I'm not wasting my time or yours telling you something you already know.

So what I'm going to write about is things I like, or I think are cool. Every day, I am more and more proud to be Canadian. We aren't ruining the world, we are producing great music, we have fantastic artists and authors, yet no one seems to care. If your name isn't Feist, Arcade Fire, or the New Pornographers (which are all great bands), no one writes about you. Well, that is now going to change.

Might as well start with one of the greatest singer/song writers in the world. Neil Young has been making quality music for decades ('67 I believe). He is set to release his new album, Prairie Wind. The album features some of the legendary musicians featured during the Harvest era (for example EmmyLou Harris, and his ex wife) and has been said to complete the Harvest, Harvest Moon trilogy. Fans of Neil's should be ecstatic to read those words. The new material is heavily influenced by the recent events in Neil's life (the passing of his father, the discovery of an aneurysm and resulting surgery), but as always, Neil is a proud Canadian. Hearing one of the greatest song writers to ever grace a stage talk about the Trans Canada brings a hint of pride to everyone who bleeds maple leaf red.

Neil has been writing music for longer than I've been alive, and his bands (Buffalo Springfield, CSN & Y, Crazy Horse, the Harvest band, and the Stray Gators) have written songs that have at some point sound tracked at least a part of most music fans lives. His musical style has ranged from country, to rock, to pseudo punk, to the beginning of grunge.

Along with his amazing ability to write a song, Neil has been a socially conscious and political artist (co-founded Farm-Aid), often standing up for what he believed in, despite popular opinion. After 9/11, although told not to, Neil covered Lennon's Imagine to make his statement. He has been influential in grunge, punk rock, country, and pop music. Cobain quoted Neil's words in his suicide note. He has written music for soundtracks to a film about Hunter S. Thompson (Where the Buffalo Roam), has been used countless time in pop culture movies (Jim Jarmusch films -– as subject and music, Rushmore, Wonder Boys, Philadelphia). Neil's music has reached out and touched almost everyone, while never changing his values or who he was. As far as Canadian musicians, I can't think of anyone more important than Mr. Neil Young.

"I don't usually sing about God or religion," says Young, "but there are some things going on in churches in this country that I don't agree with. There are songs being sung there like God Bless America that don't have any place in church."

He pauses and then mutters, "Maybe that's just the Canadian in me."

Well said, as always, Neil.

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