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I was willing to let Adrian Brody's beat making adventure slide. I was even ok with people like Russell Crowe, and Kevin Bacon tossing their hats into the music making biz. The music was bad, but it didn't really affect me. It got no attention, no radio play, and simlpy made us laugh. I mean, even Billy Bob Thorton made me chuckle when he wrote an album worth of crap about Angelina Jolie. But I have to draw the line with Jamie Kennedy.

Do you remember Jamie Kennedy? He was the nerd in the Scream trilogy, which is a lot considering those movies featured people like David Arquette and Matthew Lillard. He went on to make fun of suburban white culture loving the hip-hop in Malibu's Most Wanted. He is like the poor man's, poor man's Ray Romano.

Well, now he and one of his "peeps" are releasing a rap album. You heard me right. The album is supposed to be "old skool" and unleash Jamie's fury on the mic. He invited hip-hop legends like Jay-Z and Ludacris to collaborate with him. You can guess their answers - or lack there of (they didn't call him back).

One heavyweight who did sign on - Bob Saget. The duo tears up the mic on Rolling with the Saget. You don't have to be Eminem to figure out the easiest word to rhyme with Saget. In fact, with my limited vocab, only one really pops into my head. This could be the worst collaboration since Ice-T and Hassle the hoff. At least Ice-T had skills and studio experience.

This is a plea to all mid-range celebs. We don't care about your musical gifts. There are enough talented musicians putting out good music already. The rap game needs a subpar white dude releasing cassettes like Jessica Simpson needs more cleavage. Seriously, Jamie - Weird Al has already got the goofy, white guy rapping humor on lock. To many cooks spoil the already shitty terrible rap soup. The "studio magic" can only cover up so much. So to put it in words that you and Sag-one can relate to - "Have mercy, and CUT IT OUT."

@ 12:06 PM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

Yea, You just wish you thought of this first. Quit ragging on my music, punk. At least I had a mediocre television career.

Jamie Kennedy.

P.S. I am Jamie.


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