Kanye Bigger Than Jesus Now, Walks With Himself

Kanye West is everywhere right now. He's freaking out at Flow 93.5 in Toronto, suing a dude in Chicago to keep some early songs from being released, he's on the cover of Time magazine, and generally being reviewed by every publication that has even heard of hip hop. Why the publicity deluge? His much-anticipated sophomore album, Late Registration, dropped today

All & all, I think the attention is probably deserved. The guy is still one of the best producers in the game, and now with some big cash to spend on his album, he's got access to all the classic soul samples and orchestras he needs to make a great sounding album. He's also improving as a lyricist and remains one of the few intriguing MC's on a major label. He'll probably always be a bit of a mush-mouth, but he does seem to be a little clearer on his latest singles.

So, like Hammer would say, things are all good for Kanye right? Well not entirely. There is one issue issue that could derail the Kanye train before he makes it to the world domination station: he's kind of a dick. Clearly he's a talented guy, but his whole super-cocky, I'm the greatest of all times hip hop-Ali routine is going to wear people out after a while. Our recent experiences with Kanye here in Toronto haven't been overly pleasant.

I can understand why he was a little pissed at Flow for bleeping the "white girl" from Goldigger, I don't think it would really offend many people. But to get all pissed and walk out of the interview? Little dramatic if you ask me. I mean, don't be so serious guy, you're still a maker of rap music, not a curer of cancer. I hate it when bands like Coldplay try to get all holier than thou serious, so I'm gonna hate it when Kanye West does it. Always talking about yourself and how excellent you are really isn't going to win him any new fans either. Kanye's appearance with Jay-Z on Muchmusic a few weeks ago during Caribana was painful to watch. Kanyeezy wouldn't even discuss the other artists in town for the annual fete, simply stating that he was all we needed. Riiight. Even if he does his whole Rick "The Model" Martel arrogance routine with tongue in cheek, it's getting old.

Just to be clear, I am not hating on Kanye. I loved the first album, I hope I like this one as well. It's not going to please everyone, it's inevitable that some people are going to be disappointed after how huge College Dropout was. But I hope the album does well. I'd never heard of this Jon Brion dude, but because he co-produced the album, all kinds of hipsters and merds that would never listen to hip hop are dying to hear this album. Plus he still gets respect from hip hop fans of every genre. The hip hop biz needs dudes like this. I just hope he takes Public Enemy's advice and doesn't believe too much of his own hype.

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