Rafael Palmeiro: Impotent Cheater

"I have never used steroids. Period". That was Rafael Palmeiro's position on the steroids issue when he went before the US congress in March. I'm guessing he's changed his tune now that he's been suspended 10 games for a positive steroid test. Seriously, this almost sets a new level for douche-baggery in pro sports, and that's pretty impressive when you consider some of the douche-bags involved with pro sports.

I know Palmeiro is saying he didn't "intentionally or knowingly" take steroids, but I'm more apt to believe that Mario moonwalked all the way home that time in grade 9 than believe that load. I mean, the "I drank from a mystery waterbottle" defence was weak when Ben Johnson used it. And people hardly knew what steroids were back then. So I'm not sure what kind of suckers Raffy thinks people are, but I don't see anyone believing that nonsense. He took steroids. Maybe he didn't specifically know that he was taking the roids, but if someone's giving him a miracle supplement, he needs to find out exactly what's in it. I can't believe that for the amount of money he makes, he wouldn't be checking every ingredient of something he was putting in his body.

But really it doesn't matter. He got caught, and now he looks like a jackass, and that's all anyone is going to remember. Rafael Palmeiro? Oh yeah, he got his 3000th hit one week and then was suspended for steroids the week after. If he was looking for the quickest possible way to tarnish his legacy, I think he found it. I guess the only thing he can hope for is that they find steroids in Viagra, then people will be too busy laughing at him to remember he's a cheater.

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Like Palmeiro, I too will testify in front of congress as to the validity of my moonwalk home in grade 9 from LaPaix's house.


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How can you not believe him? His "good friend" george bush said he believes him.

I love that he tested positive for the same drug as Ben and is trying his defense. maybe Rafi will try to hit a baseball farther than a horse or play in the CFL too.


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