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This is a first on the Hill. In an attempt to give the kids what they want, we are introducing the “real time reviews” section. Ack and Mack are going to download an MP3, listen to it and review it simultaneously. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

The first jam we are going to do is = “Do they know it’s Hallowe’en”. I was surfing the NET and found a stream of this song at The project is the brain child of Nicholas Diamond (ex-Unicorn member – not ex because he got dumped, just ex because the band realized they were better as friends, and decided to go their separate ways). All the money generated by the single will be given to Unicef. It features some hard hitters (or I guess soft hitters – since it is indie pop) in the indie circle, including: Members of Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Unicorns, Devendra Banhart, Beck, Thurston Moore, Malcolm McClaren, Elvira, David Cross, Buck 65, Feist, and the girls from Smoosh. Not a bad lineup you’d think.

With the Canadian content laced on this track, the guys who collect royalties from “Monster Mash” and “Werewolf in London” must be shaking in their one-trick pony boots. This jam is destined to only be played on Hallowe’en, much like Christmas in Hollis only graces our presence on the few days before Xmas.

So, enough back story, let’s get to the first real-time review:
Ack – broken flowers says: Dude, check out the lineup on this track: Which guy doesn’t fit in with all those hipsters?
Naedoo says: ha HA. Wait, is that David Cross the dude from Arrested Development? Does he just all annoyingly in this song too?
Ack – broken flowers says: Yeah, that’s him. He is all music guy now. Just downloading it now, have no idea. How is Buck 65 on this?
Naedoo says: I saw that. He’s a clown.
Ack –broken flowers says: Man, click on this. It’s terrible. ha HA – Buck 65 gets one couplet.
Ack –broken flowers says: And yes, David Cross is just talking all annoyingly.
Naedoo says: ha HA. Just started. Buck 65 batting lead off. All they need is his French wife singing to complete the crap package.
Ack –broken flowers says: Narduar is on this. What a debacle. Why would Beck sign on for this? Ah Beck, you are going to sing with the human serviette here.
Naedoo says: Pass me the crap bucket, I have something to put in it.
Naedoo says: ha HA. The human serviette.
Ack –broken flowers says: I know it is for charity, but man. They might as well have got these dudes to walk around with Unicef boxes on Hallowe’en. They’d make more.
Naedoo says: I hope charity doesn’t need a lot of money.
Naedoo says: maybe charity only needs 100 bucks. HA HA. Seriously. Buck 65 must have been like, “I chose this project because ironically it made exactly the same amount as my name. One dollar, sixty five cents."
Naedoo says: – I can’t listen to the end of this.
Ack –broken flowers says: I think I actually want to punch all these people in the face. Well maybe not the girls from Smoosh, as they are like 13 year old girls.

So that is th efirst real time review. I hope you like it more than we liked the song.

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