Tonight @ the Chapters on Robson - Chazz Klosterman

In support of his book, Kill Yourself to Live (read the review - if you care what we think -, Chazz will be speaking to a room filled with the hippest of hip, the merdiest of merds, and the dorkiest of dorks. Oh, and me too.

Check back later for the most humorous questions as I am going to update after the event. This crowd, to quote Stewie Griffen, is ripe for parody.

The crowd was as expected. Lots of hipsters, not of nerds, but surprisingly, lots of females. I always assumed that Chuck's self-indulgent, witty, yet slight misogynistic style wouldn't appeal to members of the fairer sex. Wrong again. Chuck talked briefly about the book tour, and how surreal it has been, with various crowd sizes, interesting local television appearance and then tried to explain the ideas behind his latest book.

He is a well spoken, humorous dude, so listening to him talk was more enjoyable than the actual book reading. This might be because he chose to read a segment of the novel that I just didn't like, but seeing the Corey Feldman-ish man read the passage, with his intonation and inflection added some depth to the chapter of the story.

I do love the crowd at these events. People laughing on cue, and nodding along like they are watching Dizzy Gillespie play the sax, and they are in tune with every note being played. Probably the funniest thing about the crowd was that I was sitting beside Mike Myer's brother (who is almost a spitting image), and that his outfit of choice was a Cheap Trick shirt. Was this an attempt to be funny, and attempt to show some rock creds, or does Mr. Myers actually just really like to represent Cheap Trick? I'll never know. I will know that he asked a hipster question, voiced his opinion only to have it shot down. Ah thank you!!

The questions ranged from influences, comparisons to Hornby, favorite albums, and how it felt to be on the OC. Chuck was very sincere with his answers, and never tried to portray himself as anything else but what he is. The final question of the night was how Chuck felt about blogs, and what ones he reads. He replied by saying blogs make him nervous, because people in NY write about his life sometimes, and it is completely factual. Whether he tips well, or who he is hanging out with, it is documented and he has no idea who is the one writing it. His last words were, "someone will blog about this." Well, once again, you are right Mr. Klosterman. Well played.

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