How J.D. Fortunate

For reasons that escape me, this Rock Star: Inxs show has been super popular for the last few weeks. It's been getting tons of coverage, and I know Petra has been loving it, but she also loves The Biggest Loser, so I don't know what that says about the shows quality. But now that former New Glasgow resident J.D. Fortune (I love how they point out his real name was Jason Bennision, nobody in Salt Springs, Pictou County has a porn star name like J.D. Fortune) has "won" the competition and is the bands new frontman, it seemed like the appropriate time for the Hill to chime in on it.

Let me get this out of the way first: good on Mr. J.D. for winning the contest. Here at Herohill we always like to see our fellow Nova Scotians, doing well at whatever it is they do, so I don't want to seem like I'm hating. But really, what is the deal with this show? We are talking about Inxs here right? I mean What You Need, New Sensation, and Suicide Blonde are all good jams, they certainly wouldn't be out of place on any Best Of The 80s compilation. But have they done anything since then? I see by checking Amazon that they last put out an album in 1997, Elegantly Wasted, but I don't know if that one even went wood. So I guess I'm not sure why it's such a huge deal to win a spot as the lead singer for a band that hasn't been big since about 1992.

Just so we're clear, we are talking about the band that was fronted by Michael Hutchence right? The same Michael Hutchence who stole Bob Geldof's wife and then hung himself in 1997? Seriously, hung himself. Who wouldn't line up to fill those shoes? I guess they couldn't think of a better way to honor his legacy then by having a televised tryout to find his replacement. "Our former lead singer hung himself a decade ago, so let's get Dave Navarro (I'm pretty sure he's available) and the chick from Wild On, and we'll have a big televised party to find a replacement!" I know the remaining dudes in the band have to eat, but it seems kind of cheese to be selling the whole Inxs angle. Why not start a new band and have the show be about finding a new singer? I guess that's not as sexy as cashing in on a band name that people are already familiar with.

But hey, who cares what I think. People loved J.D., loved the show, so now he gets to sing a bunch of their new (and presumably crappy) songs and do a huge tour. Sounds like a good deal for a dude that has worked as an Elvis impersonator and lived in his car. Hopefully he'll take his new/old band back to New Glasgow and make some people happy. I'm guessing that with the success of this show we can expect a sequel. Scary thought, but I'm sure there's plenty of 80's bands out there hoping their lead singer will be found swinging from the ceiling in their hotel room. In fact the members of Skid Row are probably planning on offing Sebastian Bach to fast track Rock Star: Skid Row. I hope this doesn't happen. Not because I would be saddened in the slightest by the demise of Sebastian Bach, but only because I don't have to see anymore of this show.

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