Just Don't Bite It

These days, it seems that anyone who is interested in music has a beef with it's current state. But usually all people do about it is whine, complain, and then write about it in their blog (like this very one you're reading). Recently a music lover in California came up with an interesting way to vent his music-based frustrations. He tried to bite off Layzie Bone(of Bone Thugs & Harmony fame)'s finger.

It seems that Bone Thugs & Harmony had their show canceled, and this was the cause of the finger-biter's frustrations. When the show was canceled, Layzie Bone, his wife, and his crew invited some Bone Thugs fans up to their room at the Holiday Inn Express (There's a commercial in this: "I'm not really a once-popular, Midwestern speed rapper, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night") to make up for the lost show. Apparently an invite up to a plush Holiday Inn Express suite was not enough for one over-zealous fan who proceeded to attack Layzie Bone and then bit his finger down to the...wait for it...wait for it...bone.

I'll admit, it does sound like a drastic, and also insane, course of action. But it certainly lets your favorite artist know that you're out there, and you aren't happy. I bet there'd be a lot less crap music if artists thought their fingers were at stake.

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