Diggin' In The Tapes (DITT)

Like any hip hop obsessed kid in the late 80's and early 90's, I amassed a huge stack of hip hop tapes. I bought most of them myself, but some were given to me, some were pilfered (EPMD - Strictly Business, thanks again Ack), and some I don't really know how I got them. But I ended up with tons of them, and even after CD's became the move in the 90's, and mp3's and digital music is all the rage now, I've hung on to the cassettes. Now I'm finally doing something with them: turning the best of them into mp3's. And Since I have to listen to the albums as I record them, I thought I'd write a little bit about them for the hill.

Doesn't that sound exciting? It gets better though, I'll also post one or two mp3's along with each post. The hill is certainly not becoming an mp3 blog, but we're just trying to share the cassette love on the off chance that someone else is looking for some of these songs. Keep in mind the mp3's are created from tapes, so the quality is what it is. We'll leave the mp3's up there for a couple weeks before taking them down, but if you're looking for something we've removed, just email us and we might send it to you.

Check out the first entry above.

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