Tuesday, November 15, 2005

DITT: Craig G - Now, That's More Like It

In the late 90's/early 2000's, Craig G. came back to the fore as one of the best freestyle and battle rappers. Such was his rep that he was asked to pen all the freestyles for Eminem's vanity project, 8 Mile. But those in the know, er know, that Craig Curry has been in the game for a long time. An original member of the Juice Crew, Craig had a famous verse on the original posse cut "The Symphony" and released his debut album "The Kingpin" in 1989 (I also have this and it might cover it later, but it's kind of weak). Now, That's More Like It came out on Atlantic in 1991 and was indeed more like it, as Craig and producer Marley Marl are in top form.

This was always a favorite album of mine, even though I can't quite remember where I bought it. But I believe I bought it from Soul 2 Soul Records in Halifax. Some people think that Marley's production slipped some after the Juice Crew imploded, but I think this album shows he didn't lose much. There's so many different types of beats on this album, from the slow but funky sounds of songs like What You're Used To, Take The Bait, No Favors, and UMMM!!! to the machine gun drums of Somem To Swing To and Give It To Me on down to the R&B; leanings of jams like I Want To Be In Luv and U-R-Not The 1, but they're all solid. I loved the sound of this album when I got it, and I still enjoy it now.

But that's not to say Craig is a slouch on the mic either. As I mentioned, there's many types of tracks on here, and Craig's flow suits all of them. The guy is just a talented MC, which is probably why he gained a rep as a great battle MC, people like listening to him. On this album he goes from a track like I Want To Be In Love, which is smoothed out for the ladies (and doesn't sound that corny) to a song like Ripped To Streads, where he disses the fack out of MC Shan, and he doesn't miss a beat. Craig's also got a sense of humor, which he shows on songs like No Favors and U-R-Not The 1, which also adds to his appeal.

So As I'm sure you can tell, I enjoy this album. I can't believe it didn't do better at the time it was released as it's good from beginning to end. Regardless, it's good to see Craig G is still in the game. In fact, he released a decent album called This Is Now a couple years ago, so check that out if you want to know what Craig is doing now. I've linked the mp3's for a couple of my favorite songs, Ripped To Streads and U-R-Not The 1, so enjoy.

Ripped To Streads

U-R-Not The 1

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