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Larry Lar dropped his debut album, da Wizard Of Odds, on Ruff House records in 1991. Larry was from Philly and his album had DJ Mad Ice doing the cuts and the production was handled by Chuck Nice of Philly legends Three Times Dope. The rappin' third of Three Times Dope, E.S.T., joins Lar and The Boy Genius, Kwame, on My Ace, My Pal, My Partner. So why do I own this tape? A good question...

Back in the day, or more specifically, before the internet, you had to be somewhat resourceful if you wanted to find new hip hop music. Once the Source became readily available (but before it sold out and fell the fack off), it made things a little easier, but before that, one of the best places to look was the cassette insert. Looking back, it sounds kind of desperate, but it worked at the time. With each new tape, I'd read through the tracks and the artist shout-out's to see if there was any groups or MC's listed I didn't recognize. That's how I found our friend Larry Lar. He appeared on two tracks on Three Times Dope's sophmore album Live From Acknickulous Land, and I picked up Da Wizard of Odds on a trip to the States.

Listening to the album again after many years, it's still enjoyable. Larry has a crazy high pitched voice that makes him sound 13, but I have no clue how old he was when he recorded this, so he might have actually been 13. But the voice sounds cool and like Cheez Whiz, he's got personality, so it works. The beats are full of familiar samples, and due to that they all sound good. Jazz It Up uses the same samples as both Cypress Hill's Hand On The Pump and Tribe's Check The Rhyme. But this was the early 90's when samples like that weren't played out yet or completely identified with classic jams. The hit single from the album Larry, That's What They Call Me samples Bobby Brown's rap from the remix of Every Little Step, so that makes it a winner by default. The B side opener, Confused, was also a favorite jam from this album with it's hyper beat and Atomic Dog drums.

So there you have it, Larry Lar. Enjoy the two tracks below from the album. I have no idea what Larry Lar is up to now, so if you have any info, post a comment.

Larry, That's What They Call Me


@ 9:21 PM, dez kicked the following game:

a true legend i hope he can pass on his legacy forever


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