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Keeping content fresh is something we at love to do, however, some topics constantly present themselves and we need to discuss them. The same celebs do the same stupid things all the time. The same singers put out the same songs all the time. The same gay quarterbacks with crap on their face deny the same rumors all the time. And more importantly, the same tired Toronto Star basketball writer says the same annoying things all the time.

As the season gets ready to tip off, questions about the upcoming season are going to surface. I am wondering how the dynamic duo of Doc River and Danny Ainge can ruin the Celtics. They have already drafted nine on the exact same guy, and shuffle the lineup looking for a combination that works more often than UPN (“let’s try Moesha at 8, 8:30, and 9”). I’m wondering how lethal LeBron will be with a supporting cast. I’m wondering if Eva Langoria will run onto the court during Spurs games to get even more publicity. I’m wondering how the Raptors rookies will develop, with CV already being touted as the rookie who is ready to play day in and day out. The guy is hairless, and looks like Frankenstein, and has shown (sure it is only preseason, but who cares) that he is cash. I’m wondering if Shaq can stay healthy and bring a championship to Miami.

Toronto NBA writer, David Feschuk has other concerns. One of the major concerns is whether or not Steve Nash can duplicate his NBA MVP season. He takes this time to once again state that Nash didn’t deserve the NBA, and that he wasn’t even the best player on the team. Thanks. We heard all these arguments from him last year. Last year. Every year, people argue over who should win the MVP, and every year it should probably go to Shaq. That being said, you are a Canadian writer, who covers a team that most likely will struggle. Why not try to add some excitement for Canadian fans? We know you already dropped the bomb that Brad Pitt is bigger than Canadian basketball, but why attack the face of Canadian hoops. Nash has been as loyal a supporter of Canadian hoops as any player since Jay Triano. Stating that without Amare, the Suns will have trouble duplicating their performance is obvious. You mention the loss of Joe Johnson. You don’t mention the loss of Q-Rich or the addition of Kurt Thomas. The change in personnel will make this a completely different team, so comparing them it useless. Stating that Nash wasn’t the MVP of his team is a stretch. In the playoffs, Nash carried the Suns. He kept the tempo at a frantic pace, and gave people the ball in the positions they needed to score. Sure Amare blossomed last year, but how much did it help to have Nash giving him the ball on the break or two feet closer to the hoop each time? Canadian sport fans don’t have a lot of role models to choose from, so seeing one succeed is extremely important. Little kids see Nash, dominating games without being 6’10” with a 40 inch vertical. He worked hard and was rewarded. He sets a great example for all fans, to all people. Why would you continue to tarnish that? Canada produces very few sports idols. Why not point out that Terry Fox wasn’t really that good of a runner? That his times were not that fast? Why attack the one global star we have when Canadian athletics isn't exactly booming. Aside from hockey, we don’t have International success in many sports. We have a scattering of players in high-profile sports, and most of them are social idiots like Mike Vanderjagt. Chances for Canadian athletes to shine above our US/International competitors are few and far between. David, do you remember when Donavon Bailey beat Michael Johnson in that stupid 150m race? Do you remember Canada winning the Olympic hockey gold? How often do we get to stand up as a nation, and be proud of what we accomplish athletically?

After spending the majority of last year telling everyone that the role players and professionalism of the Spurs make them unbeatable, the Spurs actually got better in the off season. Adding Michael Finley and Nick the Quick Van Excel to an already deep line-up makes the Spurs the unanimous choice to win it all. Stating that everyone, even the deceased, racist former NFL pick ‘em guru for CBC (Jimmy the Greek), are picking the Spurs, Feschuk does a complete 180 and says the Heat will win it all. The best is just one day before, he stated that “there can be but one champion — and the defending title holders, the San Antonio Spurs, have improved their roster with the additions of Michael Finley, Nick Van Exel and Argentine forward Fabricio Oberto”. Reading this you would assume he believe the Spurs were his choice. This sums up all that is wrong with Feschuk. He completely goes against what he or anyone else says just to be the one saying the shit that pisses you off. A team he claims is unbeatable gets better, and now they will lose. How does that make sense? The beauty is, for Feschuk, it doesn’t have to. He’s the man that can attack Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player ever to play for spending too much time golfing, and criticizing the current players in the league for not earning what they were given. Challenging Jordan is one thing, but he then says, maybe Jordan is right. Maybe it is true. So basically, Jordan is wrong, or he’s right.

Other pressing concerns for Fes include the dress code, and whether or not Larry Brown can make Marbury the player he is supposed to be. If the biggest question you see for this season involves Stephon Marbury, you might not be watching the right NBA. Feschuk focuses on the soap opera style journalism that gets tired to real fans of the game. Recently, it was written that former Raptor Vince Carter wouldn’t talk to him in the tunnels of the ACC, and Vince’s mom hated him. Really? Can you blame him? I can’t stand Vince, but I have to admit, if you wrote story after story about me, telling people I was soft, overrated and bringing up things I did 4 years ago, I probably wouldn’t be down with hanging out and shooting the shit either. Feschuk is like that guy in High School who would make fun of you, or twist what you said about someone to start a fight, and then wonder why you didn’t want to hang with him at lunch. Fans don’t tune into People magazine for their daily sports coverage. They’d like to read about the good, the bad, the interesting.

Feschuk is becoming more and more like the literary equivalent to Nickleback. He is well respected and collects accolades for his work (he story on the underdog life of Wayne Gretzky received critical praise and publication), but I don’t see the genius of his work. He constantly says the same things. He is touted as a hard hitting journalist, but his work comes off more as a bitter old man. He is quick to point out problems, but never offer solutions. The Raptors don’t have the drawing power of teams in the US, but Feschuk attacked the Raptor for not signing any free agents like Karl Malone and Gary Payton (who signed with the Lakers for the league minimum, hoping to win a title – not really an option with the Raps). He sits on the fence and blames the Raps for signing Hakeem and other players to attempt to set up a stable team when they were one shot away from the East Coast finals and he blasts them for trying to find a unit that can function as an NBA franchise. He attacked Babcock for drafting CV, but now, CV seems to be the steal of the draft.

So as the NBA season starts, let’s hope the league has many new and interesting stories, even if Feschuk doesn’t.

@ 3:34 PM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

Did you see him on TSN last night? Needless to say, he has no future as a broadcaster.

p.s. lay off Garcia. That crack was weak.


@ 4:16 PM, ack kicked the following game:

I agree, Feschuk is an idiot. However, the QB crack wasn't about Garcia, it was about Slash.


@ 4:56 PM, ry kicked the following game:

What crap did Kordell wear on his face? I don't remember him wearing teh black lines under his eyes. And I've never heard anyone call him "gay" before.


@ 12:03 PM, ack kicked the following game:

The "crap" on Kordell's face is the skin abrasions. He has some funky stuff going on there.

During the time I lived in Pitt, Kordell was subject to a lot of press for being picked up in the park (known for casual random hookups for homosexuals).
In fact, in a recent poll, he is the athlete that most people believe will come out and openly admit he is gay, since he has never denied the rumours in the past.


@ 2:55 PM, ry kicked the following game:

I've learned something new. Perhaps I should start paying attention a team other than the Cowboys. I miss Ed "Too Tall" Jones...


@ 11:17 AM, asda kicked the following game:

aff vaum toma no cu...


@ 11:18 AM, where i find kicked the following game:

where i find the crack to nba live 2006 crack?


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