Best show ever - Thanks Matador

For those lucky enough to be attending the best musical festival in the world, South by Southwest (SXSW), you are in for a treat. Matador Records is celebrating three of most anticipated releases of '06 by packing three fantastic artists into one show. These artists are:
• Cat Power
• Mogwai
• Belle and Sebastian

Normally, seeing any of these artists would be worth it, all for different reasons. I'm not sure how this show can possibly occur, because all three bands are completely different, and attract such different fans. Obviously Belle and Sebastian would headline, but Mogwai might leave people deaf, so it might be an interesting setup.

Cat Power (Chan Marshall) is an amazing piano/guitar player that always has the potential to go bat-shit-crazy on stage. If it wasn't for that fact, her unique blend of blues, rock, pop and countless other styles would have her going head-to-head with Norah Jones for albums sales. Check out her amazing new song – The Greatest – on the Matador site.

Mogwai is back, and this time they are bringing more of their live sound to the studio. I've been a huge Mogwai fan for years, and basically the only other Mogwai fan I know if my friend Joe. They kick ass, yet no one seems to really like them.

Mogwai has a pretty simple formula. Start with a sound, a hook, a note at times, and build layer after layer until your ears are attacked by a thirty foot wall of sound. In past studio albums, fans felt there was a big difference between studio and live performances. I guess it is hard to attack people with so much feedback and distortion until ears start to cry in the studio. With their upcoming release, Mr. Beast (no, not Thomas Dreher II after a few of Milwaukee's finest), Mogwai wanted to replicate the power of their live performances.

From the mp3s I'm seen and streamed (as I would never download a leaked copy) online – they bring the noise. However, they are also continuing with the trend they started on the last album with some more diverse songs or multi-instrumentation – including some pedal steel. Booya.

Belle and Sebastian. What can you say about the best Scottish band of all time? Nothing that hasn't been said already. The new studio album, The Life Pursuit, continues in the same format of Dear Catastrophe Waitress. Gone, for the most part, are the classic B&S; tracks that surfaced on early albums (fun acoustic guitars tha tbounce along so effortlessly). Stuart continues to lead this band in more Zombies influenced pop structured songs, and even features some heavier sounds, like a weird distorted bass on some flaming guitar solos. That being said, it's still Belle and Sebastian. The songs are great. IF you have any doubt, check out the first single – Another Sunny Day - and enjoy.

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