The Blue Jays Are The New Yankees

If you're a Blue Jays fan, Christmas has come early this year. After spending money like a drunken George Steinbrenner at a fantasy draft, the Jays have locked up BJ Ryan and AJ Burnett for the next five years at a cost of a mere 102 million dollars. Today we hear that the Jays have continued their Christmas shopping by picking up Lyle Overbay from the Brewers. After years of chopping salaries and struggling to compete for the signature of 4th rate free agents, what is going on here?

Did uncle Teddy Rogers hit the "special" egg nog a little too hard and give JP Riccardi the keys to the Rogers vault? Really, I don't care why it's happening, it's just nice to get a chance to see how life is for Yankees and Red Sox fans, now matter how brief it may be. In fact the Jays have said that they began planning this splurge the moment they bought the former Skydome from Chicago firm Sportsco. In fact there's even been speculation that the Jays purposely held back on being competitive so that fans would dwindle down to below Argos level and Sportsco would sell them the Dome in exchange for Ted's pocket change and free cable for a year.

Oh, what a festive notion that is! Would've been good to know that when I was sitting throw some horrid baseball at the Sky Centre McRogers Dome. But that's in the past, why dwell on that when the Jays are baseball's newest big shots? And what's more, there's talk that the Yankees lost some 85 million dollars this season and could lose more due to a dispute over their tv rights. Excuse me while a play a mournful tune on a tiny violin for the poor Yankees and their fans....ok, I'm back. Look out Yanks, the Jays are taking over!

Well at least right now, on December 8th, we're feeling better about our team then Yankees fans are. When the actual season starts, will Jays fans still be feeling like top dogs? I don't know. If Ryan and Burnett can deliver what JP and Uncle Ted are expecting, then I'd say there's a chance. We all know that the Yankees and Red Sox never sit on their hands and will probably be 1-2 in the AL East again next year. But the Jays are looking great on paper right now, so let's enjoy it while it lasts.

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