The Double Hs - The People Think I Ate Too Many Chocolate Bars Award.

Herohill is unveiling its first annual Best (or Worst) of the Year awards, known henceforth as the Double Hs. The first award is the 'The People Think I Ate Too Many Chocolate Bars Award.' This award is for the biggest breakout. Do you remember that poor bastard who had that hideous complexion, coupled with a think accent? Made for years of ridicule I’m sure, but he is laughing now as he gets referenced in the Herohill year end awards.

This year, the influx of indie kids blogging helped bands become huge before they even officially released a disc. A couple people in the know write a few lines about a band and within weeks, people are downloading the album and posting mp3s. How do I feel about this? Not too bad. Lots of very talented bands toil in obscurity while bands like Creed and Matchsticks 40 rehash radio singles and reap all the benefits.

This year, one band came from nowhere to explode onto the scene. I remember telling a few of my friends in NYC to go check out a band that was playing at a small club every Wednesday for a month. Then, on the strength of four unreleased demos they became the SPIN band of the day. Over the next few months, this band became the most talked about band on the planet (much like the Arcade Fire the year previous). This band is Clapyourhandssayyeah!

A unique mixture of Bob Dylan, the Talking Heads and catchy songwriting pushed this NYC based quintet self-titled debut to the top of most hipster’s top ten lists. The most amazing thing is that the album is self-released. They opted not to sign to a label for this release, and by now I’m sure their pennies amount to many. The song "The Skin of my country yellow teeth" is one of the best songs released this year. Celebs like David Byrne and David Bowie would stop by to see them play. Not a bad year for these guys.

Honorable mentions:
Antony and the Johnsons – Mercury prize, single of the year on Pitchfork. Not much else to say. The post cabaret stylings of "I am a Bird Now" also features Boy George, Lou Reed, Rufus, and Devendra.
Rogue Wave - Coverted bloggers from hate to love. Gone are the "Oakland hippies" comments. In their place are – "favorite album of the year" type praise. Cracked the OC collections as well. "Descended Like Vultures" gets heavy rotation on my Ipod and has helped this band finally jump out of the shadows… of the Shins.
The Stars - This Canadian band should be the biggest band on the planet. Catchy, fun, well crafted songs. Selling out shows everywhere, including an upcoming 4 day, 6 show performance in TO. Set "Yourself on Fire" is a must have.
The Wolf Parade - Signed to Sub Pop, thanks in large part to Modest Mouse front man Isaac Brock. Re-released their EPs in album form, exploded onto the scene and have helped Montreal usurp Brooklyn and the breeding ground for hipster bands. "Apologies to the Queen Mary" combines all the things you love about Modest Mouse, CYHSY and the Arcade Fire. These guys will be huge (well I guess they already are).

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