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This mix is trying to show the kids that herohill is still cool. Well, actually not really. I just love that lyric, so I ran with it. Year end lists make me bitter. If you have to wait till Dec. 23rd to decide what albums you liked this year, you've got some PRAH-BLEMS. Instead of a list, I compiled a list of jams that make up my year-end mix. It includes my favorite bands, and a little snippet about each. Enjoy. Happy Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Christmas, or Tom Cruise Day (if you are a scientologist).

1. All Tomorrow's Parties :: Iron & Wine/Calexico (Live in DC). The secret to a good mixtape is to…oh wait, that is High Fidelity. This is a cover of my favorite Velvet Underground song by one of my favorite bands (Iron & Wine). Sam and his sister do an admirable job on vocals, and the multi instrumentation Calexico brings to the mix makes this a keeper. Best tour of the year.

2. Carry Me Ohio :: Sun Kil Moon. This song is unreal. Sure it's from like 3 years ago, but it was used in Shopgirl, so it's new again. Mr. Kozelek can write a song. Great lyrics and a catchy riff.

3. Soul Meets Body :: Deathcab for Cutie. Before you get up in arms and say they changed their style or sold out, I'll have to stop you. This song (and the album too) is one of the best pop productions of the year. Why would a band switch to a major label to remain in obscurity? They wouldn't. DCFC is getting older, maturing as musicians and if this song is an indication of the direction they are taking, I'm all in.

4. Soft Revolution :: The Stars. If there was any justice in the world, the Stars would be the biggest band in the world (and K-Fed would be working at McD's). Maybe if they threw on an ugly cowboy hat, terrible shades and annoyed people with constant chatter about world debt. Pound sand Bono. This is my fav track of the great Set Yourself on Fire LP.

5. Boxcar :: The Rosebuds. Husband and wife team take you back to the 80's, where Loc is down with the ladies. Birds make Good Neighbors was one of the biggest surprises for me this year. Great live show too.

6. Please Please Please :: The Shout Out Louds. Swedish music is blowing up like Jon Favreau (I think Zathura must be latin for fat ass). These guys combine the moog, emo/indie lyrics, Robert Smith-esque voice with some VU/Strokes-y style riffs. Just a great record.

7. The Skin of my Country, Yellow Teeth :: Clapyourhandssayyeah. This band made a huge splash this year, and it is well deserved. Fans of David Byrne, Talking Heads, teeth that look like a piece of corn and catchy tunes will need to hear this song.

8. Parade of Punk Rock T-shirts :: Maritime. Power trio made up of ex-Proimse Ring and Dismemberment Plan staples. The drumming on this track keeps you moving, and as always, Davey VB's lyrics and voice make you want to hear more. The whole album (We, the Vehicles) is solid, and the web site got a facelift.

9. Get it Together :: The GO!Team. Sampling, beats and fun. What else can you say?

10. Positive Tension :: Bloc Party. With all the dance punk, new wave albums released, this is still my favorite. While people might like other tracks more than this, the last 45 seconds of this song could be the best music released all year.

11. Shake the Sheets :: Ted Leo & Pharmacists. This three-piece is better tailored than a confirmation suit. Ted's pulsing Jam-influenced guitar, and falsetto, politically charged lyrics and combined with thumping drums and nice bass fills. This song is an uplifting song for people who are upset with how the US is being run. Do everything you can do, and we'll be alright.

12. From Debris :: Matt Pond, PA. I love this album. I'm not sure why people aren't all over it like the drunk girl at a frat party. Piano, strings, punchy punk riffs and nice vocals. What else can you want people? Matt Pond has a unique style, but fans of hipster approved Arcade Fire will be happy.

13. No Satisfaction :: Black Mountain. Vancouver based art collective (featuring member from the great Jerk with a Bomb) released an album that takes us back to the days of Led Zepp and early VU. McBean can do a mean Lou. But if Lou is doing Bowie, and Bowie is doing Lou, Lou's still doing Lou. They got some huge love after opening for Coldplay. I have to saw, having BM open goes against everything Coldplay stands for. Giving BM the short opening set, then having to listen to 15 ballads by Mrs. Paltrow doens't seem like FAIR TRADE to this listener.

14. Dance Music :: The Mountain Goats. I'm in a mountain mood (bazing). John D released one of the best albums of the year. Getting a (Vander)slice of life in his production, the material the Goats are putting out gets better and better. Songs of a dysfunctional family and teenage drug issues have never sounded better.

15. Baby, We'll be Fine :: The National. I could have put about 5 songs from the National's Alligator LP. Vocals that sound similar to Crooked Fingers, the dude from Crash Test Dummies mixed with great Indie rock = me happy. This song just stands out for me with the repeating, "I'm so sorry for everything."

16. They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhh! :: Sufjan Stevens. Double S released the second of his tribute to the States, entitled "Come on Feel the Illinoise". Greatest album title of all time. This album ranked number 1 for Pitchfork, Amazon and countless blogger's lists. It's quite simply a great album, start to finish. This track is the highlight in my opinion.

17. The Greatest :: Cat Power. Piano, great voice in a Norah Jones vibe. If she wasn't bat-shit-crazy (ie – crying on stage, talking about the KKK, not playing complete songs), she'd be getting People type love.

18. Jens Lekman's Farewell Song to Rocky Dennis :: Jens Lekman. Finger snaps, beautiful piano and vocals. The only bad thing for Jens fans (after all his OOP EPs were combined on one album by Secretly Canadian) is that he is getting a job and going back to work. Yowtch.

19. Salesman At The Day Of The Parade :: Rogue Wave. This album helped push Rogue Wave to the forefront…FINALLY. So many solid tracks on the album. No longer Zach and the Zach Attacks, Rogue Wave has meshed as a band. I'd suggest this to anyone looking to stuff a stocking.

20. Trapeze Swinger :: Iron & Wine. Nine minutes of amazing folk. I was about to leave In Good Company when it started, and I couldn't move. Without a doubt, the best song of the year. You, song of the year? WRONG. It's Iron and Wine.

This will be uploaded and downloadable later on this evening. Happy holidays everyone.

@ 9:31 AM, foon kicked the following game:

Do I smell a new booted disc coming? Do I see me getting chumped again and never actually getting it?


@ 3:27 PM, ry kicked the following game:

The Stars definitely deserve more hype. That album came out in 2004, but since it's so great, I'll give you a pass!


@ 10:27 PM, ack kicked the following game:

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@ 10:29 PM, ack kicked the following game:

for sure... i'll even give them a pass on covering the pogues classic for a holiday release.

I went with the Canadian release date (Mar. 8th/2005) for the Stars and the Go!Team so I could sneak them on the best of list.


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