"Ray Boom Boom" Mancino

Remember how you and all your friends used to love Ben Folds, except for that song Brick? Then he resurfaced with his great live album and his first solo work and he was the new black. Selling out shows, covering Easy E and people even started his songs for weddings. Well chances are if you read blogs about music, after this happened your love for Ben sunk like a brick.

Well now you can still enjoy some great piano songwriting via NYC based trio Mancino, featuring Mike Grimes, Nadim Issa and Jonathon Mason, (not the guy I played college hoops who made Marion's J look textbook) and not lose your creds.

This trio uses piano, percussions, 60's style pop, jazz, guitar, tempo transitions, sugary harmonies, Indie rock aspects and musical breakdowns to create nice pop songs. They have three songs from their self-released album, Dear International, available for you on their myspace page.

The first track is Hiccup Trails. This song makes more moves than Barry Sanders in his prime. Starting out with rapid fire lyrics and short piano chords, it evolves to an Indie rock bridge/chorus, before returning to the catchy pulsating verse. It's tough to not get into this song.

Tina's Little Joy is a more straight ahead power, pop song. The keyboard effects gets me into the groove. A nice bass line pushes this song along until the piano and Rockapella harmonies kick in to switch it up like Dave Silver.

The last track they are offering up is Snakes Charms Alarms. This song is a little looser, more out there effort. Starting with just some interesting vox and the keyboard until the track gradually builds into some computer style keyboard rocking. I can sense that when on stage, the boys enjoy going crazy with the sounds on tracks like these. Continuing the transitions, the band dives into an almost folky outro.

I'm looking forward to hearing more from these guys, and after seeing them pop up with Tapes N' Tapes and on the Onion AV Club, I don't think I'll be waiting long.

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