Someone needs to make this guy wear his ass as a fes

It appears herohill hates anything fes related. First we hate Dave Feschuk and now Wilmer Valderama (also known as, or more accurately, only known as Fes from that 70’s show). I read today that some Hollywood Einstein is remaking CHiPs as a movie, and selected Fes to play Ponch.

Naturally, he’s the perfect choice for the role. His dark skinned, sexy man, cheese antics closely mirror the behavior exhibited on that show. The acting was terrible and slap-sticky, and Ponch’s moves only seemed to work on young, air headed, Hollywood women… Anyone else seeing the similarities? As I type this, I wonder if Wilmer is standing close enough to Dakota Fanning to make us all uncomfortable.

I hoped that the quality of Starksy and Hutch, and the Dukes of Hazard would help Hollywood realize that remaking these shows into movies is bad idea jeans. Even with superstar casts (Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Snoop – haha, it’s just funny to mention Snoop as an actor) or amazing special effects (Jessica Simpson squeezing into that bikini), the movies were crap. Now you want to remake a show that was not that good to begin with, and have a b-list celeb with limited appeal as the star? That’s like getting the girls from Breaker High to star in a Fact’s of Life movie.

If you asked me when I thought I’d see the names Erik Estrada and Wilmer Valderama together, my answers would include the Surreal Life, Fox’s Celebrity Boxing or people most likely to overstay their welcome in Hef’s grotto. Hopefully this eminent box office disaster will alert Hollywood that they can’t slap some hipster teens in a remake of a cheesy show and let the movie write itself. If not, they better remake TJ Hooker next.

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