The Weather Machines

I looked over my best of 2005 mix CD, and aside from Ted Leo, I realized the selections were a little lacking in the rock area. Luckily, I stumbled across the Weather Machines self-released debut, The Sounds of Pseudoscience. This band is a four-piece from South Dakota and brings a heavy dose of 60's influenced rock.

I was alerted to this band and read the songs were crafted in a Ted Leo mold – read short punchy songs with great hooks. While that is true, I really think this 12 song LP is more a tribute to bands like T.Rex and early Brit bands mixed with Ted's first band, Chisel (more Mod than straight ahead Indie/punk rawk). Either way you slice it, the album is amazing. The band is fronted by lead vox/guitar/keyboard player Jason Ward. Ward is an electrical engineer and works at a college, and I think you can really tell this from the lyrical content the band produces. Well written, without trying too hard.

The band is relatively new to the game, which makes this debut effort even more impressive. Although I maybe one of their only fans, this album reminds me of Moods for Moderns debut, but instead of dabbling into the psychedelic side of 60's pop, the Weather Machines plow straight ahead and keep you dancing. The band is offering up some free MP3s – Last Stop – and – Modern Text on Love -. Last Stop is just a great introduction to this band: loud, catchy, fun and danceable.

I wish I could post some other tracks, but this is a self-released album and a band needs to get paid, so head over to and support good music. Highlights for me include:

  • Stain of Saints - a solid track, with a nice slow build up and a catchy hook
  • Me Too Iguana – a punchy track that makes you want to nod along in self-restrained indie rock fashion

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