You are sitting at home pretending you are a chef in a weak attempt to impress the new "special someone" in your life. A nice meal, some wine and some good music. Chances are you are looking for some generic Pottery Barn mix that will play obediently in the background like a well-behaved child, instead of something you really like. You need this CD to do everything your Portishead and Mazzy Star albums used to do for you in college. Well, with the release of the new Devics album - Push the Heart-, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Devics is made up of just two people, despite the fact the nice atmospheric,
layered music they produce leaves you thinking that this band would be able to field starting lineup for the Lakers. Combining the vocals of Sara Lov and the instrumentationof Dustin O'Halloran you are left with one of the most enjoyable combinations since Sam and Diane. For the last few years, they have been making a name for themselves in Europe, supported by the good people at Bella Union records, but now they are back stateside and hoping Filter can help them find an audience on this side of the pond. After hearing this record, I'm thinking that shouldn't be hard.

Lov's smoky vocals really remind me of the things I love about Portishead, early Cat Power and Mazzy Star, and while most of the tracks on this album are well produced background music, Devics do take some risks. On Just One Breath it almost seems like Lov sat in for Thom Yorke during the OK Computer sessions. The choice of the typewriter as a background beat on Secret Message to You could have come off terribly, but after listening to the song a few times, I actually think it helps me get into the vibe of the song.

Dustin is the lead vocalist on a couple of the tracks, including the
Coldplay-esque If We Cannot See. Unlike so many Coldplay ballads, Lov's backup vocals add the depth needed to keep the song from being just another song you skip through after it's been on your IPOD for a week or two.

Quite simply put, this record is a beautiful combination of sounds and heartbreaking lyrics.

Mood music is not something to take lightly, and this CD will make a nice
addition for those nights you want to spend with good food, conversation and
whatever else develops.

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