I Hate Vince Carter

Hate is a strong word, and it seems a little ridiculous to apply it to a basketball player I've never met, but it also happens to be a fact. After watching Vince gut 19,000+ people today at the ACC by scoring 42 points, drilling the winning 3 pointer with 0.1 seconds left and goading Mo Pete into a slap box fight that would make Deion and Andre Rison blush, my dislike for him is probably at an all-time high.

But before I launch into another Raptor-centric rant against that man formerly known as Air Canada, let's give him some credit. In the second half of today's game, Carter pretty much killed the Raps by himself. He was certainly helped by a quality game from Jason Kidd, but without Vince's 42 points and his determined play in the second half, the Nets more than likely would've been blown out. Richard Jefferson left the game in the first quarter with back trouble, and the rest of the Nets were yarbage, so it was truly all about Vince.

But enough plaudits for Wince Carter. His douchbaggery knows no end and it was on display again today in the first half. This game was heated, the Raps had won their last 5 games and we're clearly jacked up for Vince's latest visit to his old stomping grounds. But the game was a tight, physical, affair, and the refs managed to get way under the collective skin of the Raptors. So after Mo Pete gets one of the Raps 6 technical fouls on the night, what does Vince think is the best thing to do in the situation? Why give Mo a "pretend" slap in the face of course. Predictably Mo tried to slap Vince back and this resulted in Mo getting a second tech and ejected from the game.

Now I'm pretty sure Vince's initial slap was indeed done "jokingly" as he claims, but the timing didn't seem as innocent. Mo Pete was steaming mad at the time, Vince had to know he was going to get a reaction out of him by slapping him (and he made solid contact too, so there was no ignoring it). Not having to face Mo Pete's defence after his ejection certainly worked in Vince's favour, as he was guarded by Jalen Rose and Mike James the rest of the way. I'm the first to laugh at "Floppin'" Mo's efforts to draw 5 charges a game, but he is 6'7 and does give defence and honest effort. He definitely would've been able to challenge Vince more than anyone else, so it's no wonder Vince didn't talk to referee Steve Javie about the incident until Mo had ripped off his jersey and was storming off the court.

But this is the kind of thing to be expected from a man who donated a $2.5 million gym to his old high school but then had his mother ensure that the school would place a life-size statue of himself out in front of it. Even when Vince does something good, it still has to be about Vince, and gradually that's going to be a problem wherever he goes. Hopefully the Nets get to find that out for themselves before long.

@ 2:55 PM, Alicia kicked the following game:

Oh man...thanks for writing this...I'm getting ready to go to the game today! I was at that game your talking about...and yes i joined in with the rest of the crowd chanting "BULLSHIT BULLSHIT!!" as Mo Pete left the floor. Ne ways I'm very excited about tonight game and you better believe I'll be coming home with a sore throat from booing and heckling Vince again.


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