Little Barrie

Unique sounds are not something most bands deliver these days. Danceable XTC-styled post punkers, Vashti Bunyan influenced folkers, and alt-country rockers are flooding the Indie market. So when a band delivers a new style, herohill feels the need to give the band its propers.

Enter Little Barrie. Describing this band is not easy. Obviously, the funky, blues riffs will remind listeners of an English G. Love playing with the White Stripes. Front man, Barrie Cadogan, drops r & b, and James Brown influenced funk riffs over top of some well structured drumming courtesy of Wayne Fulwood. The package is tied together by the simplistic, funky bass lines of Lewis Warton.

Trying to pin down the Little Barrie's influences wouldn’t be an easy job, when you hear songs that at times sound like Hendrix, James Brown, jazz, Bootsy Collins, and much, much more. This band's sound is what's right about music these days, so hopefully someone will notice that.

Check out some sounds at their myspace page:
Or the nice download – Burned Out - from teachingtheindiekidstodance.

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